SPS Commerce Integration.

Sell through online retailers and trading partners by connecting to SPS Commerce channels and managing EDI transactions in Linnworks.

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A computer showing the SPS Commerce application in the Linnworks integrations store

What is EDI?

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange.
It allows the movement of information across applications in organizations.

EDI allows automation and rapid sharing of information, instead of the hours, days, or weeks required with paper documents or other methods.Linnworks integrates directly with global marketplaces, ecommerce platforms and emerging sales channels.

By integrating with the RADCOM app, Linnworks users can connect to the directly into the SPS network and have access to the leading full-service EDI solution in the marketplace.

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The RADCOM app includes:

A direct link to SPS Commerce retailers

Access pre-built connections with 95,000 Trading Partners.

Channel integration wizard

Step-by-step integration to add new channels.

Custom channel configuration properties

Add channel specific properties with a few clicks.

Shipping mapping

Assign carriers and fulfillment methods to SPS Commerce orders.

Inventory sync

Manage stock levels across other selling channels.

Order download

Manage orders from SPS Commerce channels alongside other selling channels.

Order fulfillment

Streamlined workflows to process orders within Linnworks.

Full support

RADCOM will support and manage complex EDI requirements.

Popular channels

Linnworks users can integrate with the world’s largest retail network, with more than 95,000 customers worldwide, 250 million transactions and over $1 trillion dollars of orders flowing through the system.

Retail channels include

Home Depot
John Lewis

Plus more

Grocery channels include


Plus more

Ecommerce channels include

Amazon Vendor Central

1P & Dropship

Walmart logo

1P & Dropship

Wayfair logo

Plus more

How it works

EDI Trading Partner (ie. Walmart, Target, etc.)

A flow diagram representing order management flow for the SPS Commerce Linnworks integration

RADCOM app pricing

Free to install

The RADCOM app is free to install for Linnworks users.

SPS Commerce fees

Initial implementation and recurring costs based upon number of trading partners and overall transaction volume.


An annual support fee.

"Our growth is definitely faster because we have better control of our data and better control of our sales channels and pricing. We know what's going on and we have the time to think strategically about our future moves."

Richard Goss






"We achieved our multimillion-dollar revenue target in the first year. We simply couldn’t have achieved this with our old system. Linnworks has been absolutely critical to our international growth."

Richard Moore




Source BMX

Source BMX

“The care and the ability to understand issues is first class with Linnworks. Every interaction has been intelligent, understandable and accurate. It’s exactly what we needed.”

Jack Bailey


Operations Manager




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