GeekSeller is a multichannel ecommerce platform that lists products across marketplace channels. SkuVault Core integrates with GeekSeller to streamline orders. Quantities are then pushed out so users can see all of their inventory in one place.




Channel Management

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Reasons to adopt

Integrate orders

Manage all orders within SkuVault Core with over 100 carrier integration options.

Real-time inventory sync

When any item is sold on any channel, your inventory will automatically get updated across your platforms to prevent overselling.

Product status

Gain visibility into the status of product listings and where they stand on each connected marketplace.

SkuVault Features

Synchronize your products across online marketplace listings efficiently with a SkuVault Core and GeekSeller integration. When you set up the integration, orders are pulled into SkuVault Core and quantity is pushed out into GeekSeller to provide users with visibility across all inventory activity.

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