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Get access to warehousing specialists, level up your logistics skills and have the chance to win the ultimate feast for the big game.

Learn from our awesome team of warehousing pros...

Learn from our awesome team of warehousing pros...

Pre-game prep: Knowing when it’s time to level up your operation

Tune in as Vince Stavrowsky discusses the tell-tale signs that your fulfillment operation may need an upgrade. From mounting mistakes to Excel sheets not making the cut, we explore the challenges of change management and offer actionable advice on the first steps towards leveling up your operation.

First down: Creating a unified naming scheme for your products

Join us in this enlightening episode with Kate Mortenson as we delve into the importance of a unified naming scheme for your products. Learn how consistency and scalability can be achieved using the SCORE methodology, along with other critical tactics to keep your warehouse in order. Don’t miss out on these practical insights to keep your warehouse operations running smoothly!

End Zone: Designing a winning warehouse layout

Bill Peden takes us on a journey through the five most crucial areas of your warehouse. He shares expert advice on how to organize these areas for maximum efficiency. From picking and packing zones to receiving and shipping areas, learn how to optimize your warehouse layout for success. Tune in to transform your warehouse into a well-oiled machine!

MVP warehousing habits

In this episode, Bill Peden reveals the best practice warehousing habits that can make a significant difference in your operations. Discover the power of barcode scanning, shipping aggregators, proactive inventory control, and proper data management. This episode is packed with practical tips and strategies to help you take your warehouse management to the next level. Don’t miss it!

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Note: You must send the screenshots over no later than 8th February 2024.

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Why be part of SkuBowl?

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What is SkuBowl?

SkuBowl is the ultimate ecommerce showdown. A series of action-packed episodes where experts from the Linnworks team share their secrets to conquering warehousing challenges. Think of it as the big game, but for warehousing nerds like us.

Most people do. Which is why we’ve created these FAQs to clear up any loose ends. Check them out.

Can I join after SkuBowl has started?

Let me think about it. How about...yes! We welcome the fashionably late types. Jump in anytime and catch-up by registering and watching the replays.

What happens if I miss an episode?

Don't stress. All episodes will be available on-demand. Forever.

How do I win the SuperBowl feast?

This is where it gets interesting. Each speaker will release player cards when their episode goes live. All you need to do is send us screenshots of all 4 player cards and we'll whisk you into a prize draw. Tip? Follow our LinkedIn page to keep track of episode updates.

What does Linnworks do again?

Linnworks is a Connected CommerceOps platform that gives online retailers the power to connect, automate and scale their ecommerce operation from a single source of truth. The platform gives them a bedrock of tools (listings, orders, inventory and warehouse management) that is needed to drive new revenue, exceed customer expectations and streamline logistics. Want to see it in action? Request a demo here.

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