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Save time and have more freedom to grow your business with Linnworks' powerful eBay Listing Software & Bulk Listing Tool.

Reduce your workload by listing in bulk

With Linnworks' eBay Bulk Listing Tool you can list thousands of your products at the click of a button, saving you hours of valuable time. Take the information you have stored against a stock item and automatically put it in the right place and in the right format for each channel, allowing you to list all your products in one go.

Increase visibility & sales with variation listings

Consolidate all similar items into a single multi-variation listing, for instance products that you have available in different sizes and colours, and in-turn avoid duplicate listings, eliminate individual listing fees and strengthen your sales history, helping you to boost visibility and conversions.

Take advantage of free eBay listing templates

Reduce your workload by using one of Linnworks' free HTML eBay listing templates, both of which are fully-responsive and compliant with eBay's active content policy, or alternatively create a custom eBay template yourself or through one of Linnworks' trusted partners.

Have more control over your international eBay listings

Whether you sell on just your domestic eBay site or all 23 international eBay marketplaces, you can easily manage your listings across each, all from one centralised location. Have complete oversight and control of your eBay listings at all times, and even set country specific prices, titles and product descriptions.

Minimise errors with Linnworks' multi-channel listing software

Easily list your products to eBay, Amazon, Magento, Shopify, Walmart and BigCommerce, with Linnworks' powerful Bulk Listing Software. Seamlessly connect your marketplaces and webstores and upload your products directly to these channels, saving you time, minimising errors and drastically simplifying the entire listing process.

Ensure your eBay listings are PBSE compliant

Map your listings to items in the eBay product catalogue and ensure they're visible to potential customers following eBay's transition to a Product-Based Shopping Experience (PBSE), simply by adding an ePid or GTIN to your listings within Linnworks.


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