Linnworks Graphic Design Requests.

Click on the button below and a request form will open in a new page. Upon form submission, a task will be automatically created in Asana and can be found in Design Requests Board.

If you do not have an Asana account, the designer will communicate with you via email/Slack, but you should still fill out this form to get started.

Design request form
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Design Process

Preparing a Creative Brief.

Entering into a design project without a brief is like walking in the dark: don’t even try it. When producing any creative asset, a creative brief is an essential first step.


Provide as much information as possible in the Description panel including:

Be sure to include sources for additional information. Just because you feel you covered all bases doesn’t mean your designer won’t want more context. Ask yourself, ‘Who are you preparing the brief for?’ Don’t forget to add necessary information make sure your designer has everything they need to begin the creative process.

  • Project Summary
  • Background/Context
  • Design Problem
  • Target Audience
  • Objective
  • Guidelines
  • Timeline
  • Deliverables
  • Budget
  • Key Stakeholders
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SLA minimum requirements when scheduling a project.

Work backwards from your hard deadline, allowing for amends, design and lead time.

A representation of amends, design and lead time.

Design task complexity example listed below.

Large projects

Design time required to be discussed with the project owner.

Marketing bundle (tool kit)
Web pages: New from scratch
Strategic reports (multiple bespoke infographics and charts)
Event branding
Collateral 5+ pages
Social Media Post (16+ sizes)

Medium projects

10 working days on average.

Web pages: redesign/refresh
Executive PowerPoints (Google slides)
Collateral 3-4 pages
Social Media Post (9-15 sizes)

Small projects

3 working days on average.

Blog/Email images
Collateral 1-2 pages
Social Media Post (1-8 sizes)
Swag (logo only) artworking

Design request form

Design Process

What happens next?


Design Request Form Submission

Person requesting design services should click on the button above, fill out the design request form, and hit SUBMIT. The filled-out form is automatically added to a New Incoming Briefs within Asana.


Task is Assigned in Design

Priority level and additional task followers are added to the card, and the card is assigned in design. Task will be assigned usually the same day of the form submission.


Design begins

Note: Design may not begin immediately, depending on where it falls in the queue. See above for SLA on common requests. When the designer does begin, he/she will mark/flag the task as IN PROGRESS.


Design Review

When the first draft is completed, the designer moves the card into the OUT FOR REVIEW column and tags the card followers with a message. Depending on urgency, this may also be accompanied by a message on Slack. If you are not a member of Asana, the designer will work with you directly via email/Slack.


Edits and Revisions

The requester reviews the draft and provides feedback in the Asana comments section, being sure to TAG THE DESIGNER who is working on the project. If there are changes that need to be made, the requester should then move the card back into the IN PROGRESS column.

When revisions are made, designer will move the task back into the OUT FOR REVIEW column and TAG THE REQUESTER. Repeat as needed.



When the task is approved, the requester should MARK IT AS COMPLETE. It will automatically move it to the COMPLETE column, which holds the last month’s worth of work.