Customisation Options

Create additional modules to your heart’s content or ask our in-house team to create custom scripts for even higher levels of automation.
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Experience the Rules Engine Difference

Just the name sounds powerful, doesn’t it? The Rules Engine. This is an application that allows you to set common automation functions for everyday tasks, saving you even more time from your already busy day.

Numerous Scripting Options

While the Rules Engine is great for automating simple tasks, our team can also help you create custom scripts to handle complex processes. Think of scripting as a macro on steroids- the legal kind, of course.

True Open API Functionality

Since Linnworks included an Open API, your team can integrate some or all of your other productivity software to link with With a vast array of customisation options available, you’ll be ready for the


Plugin Support

While plugins are not currently available on, it is one of the main priorities for our development team in the near future. Soon you’ll be able to build or download additional plugins to handle all kinds of extra functions.

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