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COVID-19: UK eCommerce Employment Portal


The COVID-19 Employment Portal is an employment portal supported by leading eCommerce brands to help UK online retailers connect with workers in need during COVID-19.

Across the United Kingdom, eCommerce retailers and their respective workers have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, some businesses have had to close or greatly reduce their operations, leading to many furloughed and unemployed workers.

For others, however, there has been an unexpected boom of activity. Linnworks customer data shows spikes in sales across several industries including home and garden, fashion, food and beverage and medical supplies. The struggle for these businesses lies in processing orders on time while managing widespread staff shortages.

To solve these problems, the COVID-19 Employment Portal connects those most affected to work through COVID-19 together. Those who are seeking jobs will be able to find temporary roles, while retailers will be able to bring efficiency and cohesion back into their businesses.

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In collaboration with…


"COVID-19 has taken its hold in the UK and is impacting small businesses across every sector and in every region. Payoneer is working together with our partners and customers to support businesses through these challenging times. These efforts reflect our commitment to helping you through these unprecedented times and together we look towards a brighter future".


"Parcelhub are excited to be involved with the Employment portal in partnership with Linnworks. We see it as a positive movement which encourages collaboration and support within the eCommerce space.

The current pandemic has shown how strong the UK is as a community, this portal goes to show that our community spirit can be applied in business also".


"Fruugo are very happy to be involved in this initiative and offering something back to wider UK employment.

As a UK based global marketplace we have experienced a very busy time during the current global pandemic. This has resulted in Fruugo looking to immediately increase our team across a whole variety of different departments. As a company we are always looking for the right individuals who can help us build on our phenomenal growth over the last few years and we are more than happy to share suitable vacancies in this programme.

We would like to thank Linnworks for the efforts they have put in to make this possible and we look forward to contributing towards what we hope will be a vibrant employment opportunities hub".

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Where is the Employment Portal hosted?

The Employment Portal is hosted as a Facebook group and is therefore not owned by one particular company. Rather, it is a collaborative initiative to support the eCommerce community through COVID-19.

I am a retailer in need of workers. How do I use the portal?

When seeking workers for your business, join the Employment Portal and then start your post. You can use the templates provided.

I am an employee in need of work. How do I use the portal?

When seeking temporary employment, join the Employment Portal and then start your post. You can use the templates provided.

How is the Employment Portal monitored?

Linnworks does not own the rights of the Employment Portal, it has been set up as a support tool for those who need it. That being said, Linnworks will act as a moderator and monitor the Facebook group for the following:

·  Abusive content
·  Crude language or visuals
·  Breaches of data protection regulations

Please note that if you post abusive, false or dubious content then you may be removed from the Facebook group permanently and without warning.

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This page has been created to provide you with all the support and guidance you need as an online retailer, in the wake of COVID-19. To ensure this page is as useful as it possibly can be, please don't hesitate to let us know what information you’d like to see or any specific concerns you have, so that we can gather the most helpful resources for our community.