Know what, where, and how much. SkuVault Core is the easiest-to-use inventory platform on Earth.

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If you need 100% real-time inventory certainty, you want SkuVault Core. Our platform permanently solves the problems that come with inaccurate inventory. Always (and automatically) keep your inventory synced with your marketplaces. Eliminate stockouts and oversells. Minimize errors with built-in QC and scanning. Manage all of it from one ridiculously intuitive interface. And get this: no more spreadsheets.

4.2 out of 5 on Sourceforge

4.2 out of 5 on Capterra

Used (and trusted) by 1,000+ ecommerce retailers

SkuVault Core gave me the relaxation I needed. We can check inventory any time, anywhere, even when our factory is 12 hours ahead and we're away.

SkuVault Core provides:

  • Absolute real-time inventory certainty about what products you have (and how many)
  • Paperless picking for faster order fulfillment and drastically fewer fulfillment errors
  • A ridiculously easy-to-use interface that makes it a breeze to onboard new pickers

April Spring
Owner & Designer


The #1 inventory management platform for growing online sellers shipping their own products

Stop manually counting stock and upgrade to true real-time inventory accuracy

SkuVault Core tells your pickers where an item is now, not where it might have been. The platform integrates directly with your marketplaces to ensure that when an order is placed, your internal stock levels are automatically updated. That means higher picking efficiency, thousands of hours of labor saved, and faster order fulfillment. Get “just right” inventory levels and completely eliminate overselling inventory issues.

Drastically cut down on customer returns with easy onboarding and record-setting pick accuracy

Once orders are received, SkuVault Core will help you generate paperless pick lists and the optimal “route” for pick efficiency. Built-in barcode scanning and QC mean pickers can catch errors as they happen and ensure customers are sent exactly what they ordered. That means fewer returns, happier customers. One SkuVault Core user said: “To get someone set up and picking, the training was maybe about one and a half minutes long.”

Get the bird’s eye visibility you need to grow your eCommerce business

SkuVault Core not only provides real-time inventory information—in-depth reporting lets you know which of your products are performing outperforming expectations, and which are tanking. Connect all your marketplaces and warehouses to build a total view of every sale that is happening everywhere, and get the data you need to create accurate sales forecasts, stock appropriately, and adjust your pricing strategy.

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Why SkuVault Core?

Gain total inventory clarity, faster order fulfillment, and fewer surprises

Integrates with all the most popular eCommerce platforms (in minutes)

Tired of a disorganized warehouse, inaccurate inventory, or sudden logistical nightmares? SkuVault Core is your shortcut to a streamlined eCommerce operation. Always know what you have, where it is, and how much. True inventory clarity means faster picking, fewer fulfillment errors, and a better reputation for your online store.

No matter what channel(s) you’re selling on, SkuVault Core just works. Not only does our platform seamlessly link up with marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, or Shopify—it can also connect with shipping solutions like Shipstation to provide an integrated experience. Connecting a new channel or platform to SkuVault Core takes under 10 minutes.

No nickel and dime pricing - what you see is what you get

Add a “safety net” to catch errors with built-in scanning and quality control

Unlike (too many) other solutions, we don’t bait you on board with a low price, then drastically balloon the cost with “optional” add-ons like scanning, reporting, integrations, or customer support. Our support, by the way, is outstanding. No matter what size of eCommerce business, we have plans that’ll work for you and help accelerate your growth.

Mis-ships, stockouts, and canceled orders not only create unhappy customers—they tank your online store’s reputation and reduce sales. That’s why SkuVault Core includes QC functionality to ensure your pickers are picking the right order (and catching them if they aren’t). Our platform will notify pickers on the spot if there is a mismatch.

SkuVault Core stats...




faster order fulfillment

fewer out-of-stock incidents

fewer mis-ships

SkuVault Core helped Trim Healthy Mama hit a 99.98% accuracy rate.

"SkuVault Core is highly integrated into every system that we use. The system is very robust. Anything can be accessed from anywhere, from any computer. With SkuVault Core, we’ve had 84 mis-picks out of 360,000 individual picks, which is a 99.98% accuracy rate. I don't know that we'd be able to continue to grow without it keeping track of everything for us."

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