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Manage all your inventory and orders from every selling channel in one platform

When you need unparalleled visibility (and control) over your stock, product listings, and order fulfillment, Linnworks is your answer. Drastically slash logistical problems with customized inventory management automation. Learn why our platform is the #1 all-in-one inventory management solution for growing multichannel retailers.

Used (and loved) by 4,000+ multichannel ecommerce retailers

Our order fulfillment has improved by 87.5%. Orders that previously would have taken us all day, we can now complete in less than an hour.

Linnworks provides:

  • Efficient, error-free order processing for faster fulfillment and happier customers 
  • Unlimited free integrations—over 70 marketplace and multichannel options
  • Powerful, simple-to-learn rules-based tools lets you automate (nearly) everything

Howard Choi,

Business Development Manager

The #1 all-in-one inventory management solution for
growing multichannel retailers

Keep your stock levels “just right” with 100% real-time inventory accuracy

No more overselling. No more underselling. Linnworks tells you exactly how much of a product you have now. Whether you’re selling on one channel or ten, your stock levels are updated the moment an order is placed. Plus, your connected channels automatically sync to reflect your actual inventory count. Stop manually adjusting listings and take your Sundays back.

Save unbelievable amounts of time with customized “perfect-for-you” automations

Easily build the automations and workflows you need to save tens of thousands of hours a year. Create logic-based automations that trigger based on which selling channel an order comes in from. Or where the delivery location is. Or how much they ordered. And more. Simplify the management of your inventory, warehouse, and order fulfillment by automating the tedium out of the process.

Connect your entire eCommerce ecosystem (quickly) to a single platform

When you need visibility over every item and order, Linnworks delivers. Turn on two-way connections to major selling channels like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and 67+ more. Set up multiple warehouses (and the rules to manage them). Integrate with accounting software or fulfillment platforms like Quickbooks and ShipBob. See and control all of it from a single, intuitively-designed interface.

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Why Linnworks?

Earn ecstatic buyers with faster, more accurate order processing

Free up employee time and minimize human error with automation

“It’s easily saving us four or five people a day as a workforce,” remarked one Linnworks user. With inventory clarity, powerful automation, and 70+ marketplace and channel integrations, retailers can process 100,000 orders with the same pick accuracy as 100.

Automate your inventory, warehouse, and order management processes to streamline your business. Create perfect automation rules that reduce that inevitable chance of human error and simply your life (we’ll help you set them up).

Make better decisions with clarity (and forecasting) across channels

Onboard employees quickly (we are always available to help)

Linnworks automatically collates all your order data in one central dashboard. Understand how your products sold across your entire business—not just a single channel. Drill down to identify trends and see automatic predictions of future product demand.

The Linnworks platform was built for intuitive usage. In case you get stuck though, we have an extensive support database, regular classes, and a global technical team that's happy to chat. “I don’t have to be there anymore,” said one seller.

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days to onboard on average

million orders processed per quarter

channels through our partner network

Linnworks automation helped Rave Coffee manage a 100% increase in orders

 “We needed a partner that was capable of handling spikes in demand as well as sustaining our future growth. Our sales were set to double again [next year]. That growth wouldn’t be possible on our old system. We had a very positive experience going through onboarding with Linnworks and the whole team is confident about hitting the ground running."

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