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Expand your selling channels with the Linnworks and Virtualstock integration

Automating your connection to the market leading retailers is no longer a luxury, it’s an imperative. To stay in the game, make ecommerce easier with Linnworks and Virtualstock.

Linnworks is used (and loved) by 4,000+ ecommerce retailers

Our order fulfillment has improved by 87.5%. Orders that previously would have taken us all day, we can now complete in less than an hour.

Linnworks provides:

  • Efficient, error-free order processing for faster fulfillment and happier customers 
  • Unlimited integrations—over 70 marketplace and multichannel options
  • Powerful, simple-to-learn Rules Engine that lets you automate (nearly) everything

Howard Choi,

Business Development Manager

Avert risk, grow stickiness and ensure a frictionless experience for your ecommerce operation

Virtualstock and Linnworks have partnered to extend the benefits Virtualstock provides to blue-chip retailers and their supplier network. This collaboration introduces an additional layer of automation, ensuring that all parties have the necessary visibility to operate and scale their respective businesses efficiently.

The #1 all-in-one inventory management solution for
Virtualstock users

Seamlessly integrate with leading retailers

Virtualstock’s dropship and curated marketplace platform enables you to seamlessly connect to additional retailers with minimal integration and without any changes to your existing processes. The Linnworks connection adds an additional layer that ensures complete visibility and transparency for retailers regarding the status of orders from their supplier network.

Comply with all mandated minimum guidelines

By adding the Linnworks capability alongside Virtualstock you, the supplier, get an even better chance of compliance with the core requirements of the retailer. Through the Linnworks platform, you will be in a position to streamline processes, finesse communication and ensure the retailer is in a position to uphold their promise to the customer through you, the supplier.

Automate manual processes and concentrate on your core business

The operational simplicity of the Virtualstock platform, combined with the automation functionality provided by Linnworks gives you, the supplier, time back to focus on your core business. The order management capabilities mitigate risks in your fulfillment process, rendering your download/upload tasks fully automated, thereby reducing time spent and improving accuracy.

Linnworks also integrates with...

Key integration features

Inventory Updates - Linnworks can automatically send changes in stock levels to the channel.

Order Download - Channel orders can be automatically downloaded into Linnworks allowing you to reserve available stock and avoid overselling

Inventory Mapping - Existing and new channel listings can be linked to Linnworks inventory

items for stock level and price updates.

Location Mapping - Orders can be downloaded and inventory updates sent from specific


Order Dispatch - Orders on the channel can be marked as shipped and provided with the

tracking number and shipping service name via Linnworks.

Linnworks automation helped Rave Coffee manage a 100% increase in orders

 “We needed a partner that was capable of handling spikes in demand as well as sustaining our future growth. Our sales were set to double again [next year]. That growth wouldn’t be possible on our old system. We had a very positive experience going through onboarding with Linnworks and the whole team is confident about hitting the ground running."

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