You’re overselling, losing customers and at risk of marketplace suspension.

It’s stressful, it’s chaotic and it feels like it’s never going to end.

But it can, just like it did for Rinkit.  
Rinkit Case Study

How to overcome overselling and regain control of your business

Whether you’re a global enterprise or only just starting out in eCommerce, overselling creates the same challenges for all retailers – loss of control, disappointed customers and the inability to grow.

The solution is simple.

It’s synchronising your stock across your sales channels to avoid human error.
It’s having complete visibility of your stock levels and stock movements at all times.
It’s taking full control of your business by forecasting sales and eliminating stock-outs.

Ultimately, it’s being equipped to sell better and have the freedom to grow your business with an automated order and inventory management system.

Linnworks and Rinkit work together seamlessly.
Take a closer look at the steps Rinkit took to prevent overselling, along with guidance and expert advice on how you can have the freedom to scale your own business operations.