Gym+Coffee automates inventory management with Linnworks Shopify integration.

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Founded in Ireland in 2017 by three friends, Gym+Coffee is a high-quality athleisure brand. After early success online and in physical stores in key retail locations in Dublin, Gym+Coffee began selling internationally in 2020, opening a dedicated Shopify Plus site for Australia and New Zealand and expanding its UK presence with the first international retail Clubhouse in Westfield shopping center, London. 

Adele Biggs, Content Manager at Gym+Coffee, says: “Our Make Life Richer community is at the heart of our brand. As well as connecting with our community on social media channels, our Clubhouse locations allow us to offer a program of free events and provide a hub for  people to connect in person, which in turn increases brand affinity across all channels.”

Today Gym+Coffee reaches shoppers through Shopify Plus in Europe, the UK, North America, Australia and New Zealand, as well as nine retail Clubhouses across the UK and Ireland. 

The Problem: Inventory management at scale. 

While Shopify served as a Point-of-Sale, as order volumes increased across additional locations, order routing became more cumbersome. In addition, Gym+Coffee was missing out on valuable selling opportunities by ring fencing stock for each Shopify store. 

This led to the search for a partner who could synchronize inventory across all sales channels and prioritize order fulfillment based on warehouse locations.

The Solution: Automated order routing based on warehouse location.

After evaluating alternatives, Gym+Coffee selected Linnworks in 2020 in order to integrate with Shopify and automate the inventory management process. 

Wesley Scourfield, Finance Operations Manager at Gym+Coffee, says: “We set up a multi-warehouse system to select available stock from the best warehouse location based on predefined criteria, such as location. By working with our Customer Success Manager and the Linnworks customization team, we have designed our order management workflow around our requirements to streamline our pick, pack and dispatch process.”

A chart of how Linnworks works with Shopify.

Future: Optimizing the returns process. 

As well as focusing on international growth, Gym+Coffee will turn its attention to optimizing the fulfillment and returns process. 

“We have plans to fine-tune our distribution strategy in 2022 to ensure we have a fast and efficient delivery option for our customers worldwide” adds Wes. “We also plan to reduce friction in the returns process as more of our customers choose to use our retail and returns hubs. Connecting Linnworks with our 3PL means we can manage orders, inventory, shipping and returns all from one platform.”

Linnworks Automation  

Linnworks provides automated workflows for every aspect of our customers’ ecommerce businesses, including: 

  • All ecommerce sales are managed through an integrated platform with efficient workflow streams that save you time. 
  • Prioritize order management for priority channels 
  • Allocate orders for fulfillment based on predefined criteria  such as expiry date, warehouse location etc 
  • Automatically assign preferred shipping partner based on price, priority,  weight, dimensions and sales channel.

The Linnworks Rules Engine allows users to easily configure automation rules to adhere to existing business logic.

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