Software Developer

Linnworks is looking for an enthusiastic and motivated software developer to join a team of 12 developers. This position is opened up due to one of our brightest developers moving to Japan as a result of life-long love for sushi and Japanese cartoons. With deep sadness and excitement in our hearts we are looking to replace him with another brightest developer, preferably without the love for sushi and plans to move to the land of the rising sun.

We are developing Software as a Service system for eCommerce sector using very latest bag of tricks and tools. Our frontend is pure JavaScript framework written with significant help of AngularJS bindings and directives. The frontend talks to WebAPI written in C# with MVC 4 routing at the core of it. Microsoft SQL Server is our database and we fanatical about NOT using Entity Framework. Our business logic data adapters are optimized for speed and performance. The whole topology is highly load balanced and distributed with proprietary job execution distributed system – it’s actually not as scary as it sounds.

We believe a developer is not just someone who knows how to code and comfortable with all the shortcuts in Visual Studio. A developer is someone who can create, imagine and solve whatever the system architect has dreamed up in his frantic attempt to make the world a better place.

You will bring:

  • C# - the more the better
  • T-SQL – same as above
  • JavaScript - it’s not a rocket science but helps if you have prior experience
  • Creativity and imagination - most important

We are excited about:

  • Involvement in some open source project
  • Contributions to online community resources – stackoverflow, expertexchange, MSDN etc
  • Bachelor or Master degree with an interesting theses

We will give:

  • 35k – 45k salary
  • Flexible working hours
  • Stress free environment
  • Highly skilled and experienced colleagues
  • A whole bunch of interesting people you will get to know, learn from and share your knowledge and wisdom with

Things that don’t matter:

Your qualification, your nationality (must be eligible to work in the EU and speak ok English), your hobbies, your religion or a lack of one, your shoe size, whether you hold “clean” driving licence.

To apply for the vacancy, please send your CV to

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