Release Engineer / DevOps

Job Description

The Linnworks Engineering team is growing, and we’re looking for Release Engineer to join our team  in Tallinn, Estonia.

What you'll do:

  • You’ll work as a part of Delivery Team, closely with the Core Team
  • You’ll be proactively Managing Releases: scheduling, planning, initiating, participating in and orchestrating the release
  • You’ll be in charge of Release workflow and its evolution towards CI/CD
  • You will participate in various technical tasks towards automation and CI/CD
  • Making sure releases are thoroughly tested
  • Post-release incident management: logging incidents, organizing failure incident meetings, looking for causes & solutions for common problems together with Engineering team members
  • Release related communications with internal stakeholders: with Engineering, DevOps and Tech Support teams

Skills you have:

  • 3+ years of work experience as a Release Engineer (or similar)
  • Technical Mind: understanding technical aspects of Releases and Development
  • Good knowledge of Agile principles and Scrum particularly
  • Thorough experience with JIRA: experience in configuring JIRA
  • In-depth understanding of release processes in Agile / DevOps environment
  • In-depth knowledge of CI/CD
  • Continuous Testing and Testing Pyramid concept understanding
  • Deep understanding of Branching and Source Code Control approaches
  • Good Communication skills: you’ll be discussing Release related topics quite often
  • Being a self-starter: as a Release Manager, you’ll be leading this effort at Linnworks, meaning you’ll have to be proactive in your role
  • Fluent spoken and written English

Bonus skills:

  • Scrum master / Agile coach experience
  • Basic coding or scripting skills
  • Experience with Kibana / Grafana
  • Experience with Jenkins

Our stack of technologies:

  • Methodology: Agile (Scrum, XP) with DevOps Ideology
  • Backend: .NET 4.6.2+ on C# (ASP.NET WebAPI, WCF, SignalR, Ninject and etc.), .NET Core 2.0+ on C# (ASP.NET Core), Docker, Node.js and etc.
  • Frontend: AngularJS, RequireJS, SASS and etc.
  • Scripting: PowerShell, Groovy, Python, bat and etc.
  • Storage: Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (T-SQL, OLAP), AWS (DynamoDB, ElastiCache, RDS, S3 and etc.), MongoDB, InfluxDB
  • AWS: EC2, VPC, ECS / EKS, ELB, Lambda, Route 53 and etc.
  • IDE: Visual Studio 2017 / Rider, Visual Studio Code
  • Telemetry: EFK (Elasticsearch, Fluentd, Kibana), CloudWatch, CloudTrail Grafana, Monitis, Google Analytics, Customer Feedback
  • CI / CD: Jenkins, Automated Tests (XUnit, NSubstitute, Selenium, Allure Reports)
  • Work experience in creating / deploying containerized apps
  • Server: Windows Server 2012 / 2016, Linux (Redhat, Amazon Linux AMI), IIS, Kestrel, Apache
  • Slack, JIRA, Mercurial, G Suite, Lucidchart
  • Freshdesk / Freshchat / Freshcaller, Mailchimp / Mandrill, Hubspot

To apply for the vacancy, please send your CV to

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