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Todays consumers are increasingly influenced by convenience. Discover the key factors retailers need to know to win at Total Commerce.

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Linnworks research highlights five significant ecommerce trends that retailers need to know.

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1. Convenience is king

76% say convenience is their key priority in selecting a retailer and nine in ten will prioritise using a retail site that offers a seamless experience.

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2. Convenience means seamless experiences

81% of shoppers are looking for a frictionless, cross device ecommerce experience. Guest checkout and having shipping details stored are top of shoppers’ convenience check lists.

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3. Third party selling - social and marketplaces

More than nine in ten shoppers start their product search on a marketplace and 76% have made impulse purchases via social channels due to the ease of purchase.

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4. Payments

Nearly nine in ten say seamless and flexible payment options speed up their decision making and prompt them to spend more.

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5. Delivery

95% of shoppers reveal convenient delivery options are a major factor in the online retailers they use.

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Key findings

Customers tell retailers convenience is key - and consumers will reward those brands that get it right.

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76% of consumers say convenience is a key priority in selecting a retailer

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75% value convenience more than they did a year ago

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66% prefer fast and easy shopping over extensive comparison shopping

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59% say convenience results in them spending more than originally intended

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Discover what influences consumers to shop and how you can win at every retail opportunity.

Linnworks latest research whitepaper unpacks findings from a survey of 1000 shoppers to find out what they prioritise when deciding where to shop. Fast and easy shopping, and a convenient, frictionless ecommerce purchase experience come out on top. Consumers now expect effortless commerce, and consumer choice will follow the path of least resistance.

Lockdowns in cities around the world over the past year has accelerated this shift to convenience as many consumers came to rely on online shopping for everyday essentials as they juggled working from home and other responsibilities.

Shopping is now an 'always-on' experience and consumers expect to be able to make purchases whenever they need CO.

This sounds ideal for retailers, but to be successful, they need to be able to sell wherever their customers are - by conducting Total Commerce. Once driven almost exclusively by price, today's consumers are increasingly influenced by convenience and ease of purchase, therefore retailers need to offer a frictionless experience, from product discovery right through to their shipping and returns policy. As Linnworks research demonstrates, customer journeys are fragmented and each touchpoint is an opportunity for retailers to win.

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