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Linnworks gives you the power to

Grow your business with the ecommerce platform that gives you more automation tools than Brightpearl.

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Someone’s always ready to help

No need to wait around for support. Our global customer operations team, Customer Success Managers and 24/7 live chat mean that your every request will be taken care of quickly.

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Easy to use, on any device

The entire platform has a simple, intuitive design which works smoothly on desktop and tablet. And our team can customize everything to your business needs.

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All your apps, all in one place

100+ integrations with sales channels, marketplaces, 3PLs and shipping companies make for the most efficient way of running your business, where the software you use every day is all connected in one central location.

G2 Rating

4.4 out of 5 stars.

4.5 out of 5 stars and leader in the best inventory control and multichannel retail software categories.

Pricing structure

  • Order volume based.
  • Unlimited users.
  • API limitation caps.
  • Order volume and SKU based.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Pricing is not tied to API usage.
  • Unlimited selling channels.
  • Unlimited shipping integrations.
  • Unlimited application connections.
  • Unlimited multi channel listing.


  • A total of 65 integrations.
  • 11 selling integrations.
  • 12 shipping integrations.
  • A total of 150+ integrations.
  • 70 selling integrations including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Buy on Google, Etsy, Shopify and many more.
  • 60 shipping integrations including UPS, USPS through, FedEx, DHL and many more.


  • Automation Engine.
  • Automatic sales channels inventory sync.
  • Online and offline sales sync.
  • Automatic order splitting.
  • Automatic order routing.
  • Automatic invoicing.
  • FIFO order routing.
  • Automated pick, pack and ship workflows.
  • Automatically cheaper POs.
  • Batch PO invoicing.
  • Complete order fulfillment and workflow automation.
  • Fully autonomous and fast inventory sync.
  • Fully autonomous and fast order sync.
  • Fully automated delisting and relisting process.
  • Order fulfillment routing.
  • Automatic email notifications.
  • Automatic shipping service allocation.
  • Automatic package allocation.
  • Order package splitting.
  • Automatic order merging.
  • FIFO stock allocation.
  • Automatic restock quantities calculations.
  • Stock forecasting.
  • Fully automated, scheduled import/export sync with 3PL providers.
  • Broad customization opportunities for ex- tended automation functionality.

Listing management

No native listing tool,
only via 3rd party integration apps.

  • Native multichannel listing tool.
  • Listing management available for eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, Magento and many other channels.


  • Inventory demand, Retail accounting and ecommerce analytics reports.
  • Limited reporting capabilities.
  • Unable to calculate sales tax correctly in Europe if you are a US company.
  • Unable to do accurate VAT calculations.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics data including: financial, order and inventory dashboards as well financial, inventory, order, listings and purchasing reports.
  • Extensive custom reporting capabilities.
  • Accurate VAT calculations regardless of country.

How you win with Linnworks

One platform. A multitude of ecommerce tools.

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Intelligent reporting

Better data equals better decisions. Advanced reporting through Linnworks keeps you updated on the information that matters most, with full visibility of your order and inventory data across all your sales channels.

Easy-to-use dashboards let you track key real-time metrics on everything from stock to shipping. And summaries of sales volume, refunds, purchasing and stock value help you forecast more accurately, so there’s always plenty of time to think strategically about what’s happening next.

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Multichannel selling

The quickest route to growth is expanding into new sales channels. Linnworks makes it simple for you to add those channels and marketplaces, so you can sell to your customers everywhere they show up online.

Bulk listings to multiple channels let you put your products in global shop windows, and the ability to group products into bundles, manage all your product information and optimize the finer details gives you total control, without worrying about manual errors.

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Inventory management

Disappointed customers can easily tarnish your reputation. But with an automated system managing your inventory easily across 100+ marketplaces and sales channels, the customer experience will always be positive.

Linnworks lets you set minimum stock levels to know when to reorder and disable listings whenever products sell out. So you’ll avoid under or overselling. And to save time, you can automate price updates across connected sales channels, track warehouse transfers, make your purchase order processes seamless and access historical sales and seasonal trend data to help with demand planning.

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Shipping management

Shipping speed is where the best ecommerce retailers win, and with 85+ integrations with major carriers, 3PL fulfillment centers and FBA at your disposal, Linnworks puts you in the driving seat, at no extra cost.

You can create custom scripts to select the best shipping option for each sales channel, product or warehouse location. And you can save time too, by automating your shipping workflows, generating shipping manifests and grouping orders by picking location.

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Order management

Effortless online ordering is enough to persuade customers to keep coming back. And with automated workflows for every aspect of your order process, Linnworks makes everything seamless for them, and you.

You can streamline management from order to fulfillment, and with a centralized control of all open orders, you can update order statuses, assign orders to warehouses, add extra information to help with shipping, assign packing instructions, allocate carriers and much more. Total control, all in the one place.

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Be in control

How you can sell better with Linnworks.

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Grow your retail business

You now need to be available to customers on whatever channel they prefer to shop, on whatever device they have in hand, and make the entire experience frictionless. Linnworks makes that a breeze.

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Receive support at every step

Scaling your business is hard on your own. But with us, you not only get the best automation software around, but the support of our global team who spend their days helping mid-market and Enterprise businesses grow.

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Get the data that matters

To plan for growth, you need up-to- the-minute insights on what you’re doing well, and areas that need improving. With performance data across your sales channels, you can track key metrics to help you make better decisions.

"We achieved our multimillion-dollar revenue target in the first year. We simply couldn’t have achieved this with our old system. Linnworks has been absolutely critical to our international growth."

Richard Moore




Source BMX

Source BMX

“Linnworks is an essential partner as we scale our eCommerce operations to 15% of our overall business.”

Jon Kawcett


Director of Global eCommerce


Turtle Wax Europe Limited

Turtle Wax Europe Limited

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