Updates to Linnworks Desktop MultiLogin Feature


Linnworks are currently updating the MultiLogin feature within Linnworks Desktop, to make use of the enhanced security features that have been implemented within

What is MultiLogin?

MultiLogin is a feature within Linnworks Desktop that is primarily used to give 3rdparties, such as system integrators or fulfillment centers, access to your Linnworks account. Specifically, once the 3rdparty has logged into Linnworks Desktop, they will be provided with a list of Linnworks accounts that have been made accessible to them, and from here they will be able to login and access the required account via User Management.

How does this affect me?

Please note that this update will only affect you if you are currently using the MultiLogin utility, to access one or more Linnworks accounts.

While the front end access for MultiLogin has not changed, you should be aware that the systems infrastructure will now be using the updated authentication services, and you could be affected by this the first time you access Linnworks via MultiLogin, once the update has been applied.

You may find that the password you originally set-up for the Desktop MultiLogin no longer matches the password linked to your email address. Unfortunately, due to the encryption methods applied to passwords, we can only identify that passwords are different and are not able to migrate them from old to new.

For this reason, if on the day the update is applied you are not able to access Linnworks Desktop using your usual password, please login using your password which will allow access. If you have lost your password, you will be able to reset it by visiting in your browser and selecting the Forgotten Your Password link. From here, you will be able to enter your registered email address and a reset link will be sent to you.  


When will this update happen?

The update for this functionality is planned to occur on Wednesday 4th May.

Written by:

Aimee Manning


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