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Upcoming Changes To Packaging Groups And The Introduction Of Shipping Quotes.

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With some upcoming changes to how parcel groupings work, as well as the introduction of shipping quotes functionality which will affect Linnworks customers, we thought it was important that you have a complete understanding of how these changes may affect the way your Linnworks system is set-up.

Shipping Quotes in Linnworks

Customer Experience manager Josh sat down with System Architect and Shipping Team Leader Fedor to discuss the changes and understand what is coming up. Luckily, we had the presence of mind to record it, so you can hear about these changes yourself.


To briefly summarize the changes;

  • We've expanded the functionality for packaging groups; you can now set 'prevalence' so packaging is more cleanly assigned!
  • The options for assigning packaging have been expanded with new logic options available.
  • When packages are split, you can now either automatically or manually choose the packaging type for each parcel.
  • Most importantly, we're now able to offer shipping 'quote' functionality. Initially, this will only be available when using our new integrations with Parcel2Go and Amazon Logistics. We'll be expanding this further in the future.
  • Take a look at our video above where we go over some of the changes in further depth, in an interview-style format with our System Architect Developer, Fedor Dzjuba, and our Customer Experience Manager, Joshua Neale.
  • We expect the functionality to be released in the next week.
  • Documentation will be available upon release.

If this is well received, we'll look to release similar videos covering new functionality in the future, so any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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