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Linn Academy 2021 On-Demand: How to transform your logistics using distributed inventory.

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Inventory Management
Linn Academy 2021 Virtual.

Catch up with this Linn Academy Virtual session on-demand here.

If you’ve been considering optimizing your logistics with a 3PL distributed inventory strategy then join Kevin Marvinac, VP of Partnerships at ShipBob to find out more about the benefits that it can bring to your business.

Discover how distributed inventory:

  • Allows you to provide best in class fulfillment
  • Scale to meet demand
  • Unlock two-day delivery across channels
  • Increase conversion, AOV and retention
  • To maintain a branded end-to-end experience

How to transform your logistics using a distributed inventory strategy.

Distributing inventory across multiple distribution centers can have several business benefits – from increasing conversion to unlocking cheaper two-day delivery, explained Kevin Marvinac, VP of Partnerships at ShipBob.

He described ShipBob as being “essentially Amazon in a box”. The global logistics platform fulfills ecommerce orders for DTC brands and operates more than 25 fulfillment centers globally.

“You connect your store, import your product and we store your inventory, then you can sit back and relax. We pull in orders every hour and then ship out,” he said.

The service means that retailers can focus on their business rather than their logistics, he said. “The real value of hiring a 3PL is that you can get distribution across lots of geographies without having to open a warehouse yourself.”

That offers a number of advantages which allow retailers to grow globally, from reducing risks of carrier disruption to getting closer to the end consumer.

It can also unlock features such as cheaper two-day delivery options which can encourage brand loyalty through an improved customer experience, he explained.

Crucially the system also allows a single view of the business. “We have a strong conviction that when you have one source of truth for all of your shipping and inventory it reduces the potential that things can go wrong.”

Linnworks with ShipBob launched in the third quarter of this year in an integration that Marvinac as being the perfect marriage. “It’s our most robust integration to date and it allows you to use Linnworks’ robust order routing system and rules engine in conjunction with our multiple locations and our inventory management system,” he said.

Watch the session on distributed inventory.

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