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Linn Academy 2021 On-Demand: Total Commerce 2025: Adapting to an evolving ecommerce landscape.

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Total Commerce
Linn Academy 2021 Virtual.

Catch up with this Linn Academy Virtual session on-demand here.

The growth and challenges of the last 18 months has been unfounded but what does that mean for the future? In this session Linnworks vice president of product, Simon Curd, examines emerging trends and how Linnworks can help.


  • The impact of emerging ecommerce trends on retailers
  • How Linnworks is evolving to help those challenges
  • The disrupting factors influencing the future

There has never been such a clash of elements disrupting the retail landscape as there is today, Simon Curd, Vice President of Product for Linnworks told delegates at Linn Academy 2021 Virtual.

He said retailers and sellers need to consider several emerging factors to enable the best experience for their customers. These include ensuring that products are available wherever their customers are spending their time – particularly on marketplaces and social channels.

“More channels are becoming commerce-enabled and these channels are starting to gain traction,” he said. The fact that consumers will seamlessly adopt new channels as they emerge means that merchants must consider what channels their shoppers are already using, as well as the next channels which might be relevant. “Look at what channels make sense for your customer base and make sure you are represented there,” said Curd.

Other disrupting factors include issues such as sustainability and the rise of direct to consumer and private label brands as consumer shopping habits and needs continue to evolve, explained Curd.

He also outlined the importance of subscriptions as the new loyalty. “That’s the ultimate way of making consumers stick,” he said. But again the experience needs to be well-managed to ensure the customer feels the love, such as ensuring the shipping option that offers the best experience for them.

The role of experience is also important at the checkout, said Curd, who highlighted the example of the impact of Buy Now, Pay Later options on industries such as fashion. “It’s really important to be open to experimentation. Think about the ordering options that will be meaningful to your consumer base.”

Finally, he looked at the reducing barriers for globalization. “Consumers really do think globally so brands need to think more globally too.”

“There are a mass of disrupting factors at play. At Linnworks we are committed to helping you to make sure you are in control, providing visibility into all aspects of the business and insights into the next big opportunity,” he said. 

Watch the session on Total Commerce 2025.

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