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From a small garage to a large warehouse selling 15,000 products per month: The growth of Velocity Outlet

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Aimee Manning
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Set up in 2013 by co-founders Eddie Latham and PJ Scott, Velocity Outleti s a consumer electronics provider based in Cambridge, England. 

Despite having only been working on the business full time for 18 months, Eddie and PJ have successfully grown Velocity Outlet from a small start-up in Eddie's garage, to a much larger warehouse where they now fulfill over 15,000 orders each month to consumers across the globe. 

Fortunately, Velocity Outlet has been able to avoid some of the typical struggles that businesses face when growing their company, through the use of an order and inventory management solution. Specifically, Linnworks has been able to effectively scale with the growth of the company, ensuring they maintain their quality even as their product range has diversified, and both the number of channels they sell on and the shipping couriers that they integrate with have increased.

"We initially thought it would require a huge investment to have a stock management system in place, in order to control our inventory across eBay, Amazon, Rakuten and other marketplaces across Europe. Now that we've found Linnworks we can do this very simply and it's enabled us to do things that we thought only large businesses could do"

Eddie Latham, Co-Founder

As a result of their diversified product range, Velocity Outlet has recently started integrating with more shipping couriers, including Parcelforce. While they originally thought setting up an integration like this would be complicated, within 48 hours they were able to have the system up and running, with Parcelforce coming everyday.

The company has also benefited from the remote access that offers. During business trips, both Eddie and PJ have the ability to login remotely to manage their business processes, including checking that orders have been dispatched on time which is a big concern for them when they are out of the country.

You can watch the full case study below.  


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