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Linn Academy 2021 On-Demand: Strategies to optimize your ecommerce presence to drive growth.

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Linn Academy 2021 Virtual.

Catch up on this Linn Academy Virtual on-demand session here.

How can you optimize your ecommerce presence online? In this panel discussion experts from Queryclick, Rise Interactive and MuteSix, reveal some key tactics for retailers to improve their visibility across digital channels and marketplaces.


  • Where best to put your efforts
  • The importance of marketplaces and how to get the best from them
  • Getting the balance right
  • What to concentrate on other than just ad spend
  • Key areas of the customer experience to focus on
  • The role of content in driving performance

Optimize your ecommerce presence.

Optimizing your ecommerce presence online is vital to stand out from competitors and requires a number of strategies outlined in a panel presentation on the subject at Linn Academy 2021 Virtual. Featuring Calvin Green, Account Director at Queryclick; Blake Kidd, Director, Search and Marketplaces at Rise Interactive and Greg Gillman, CRO, MuteSix the trio outlined the need for flexibility to cope.

Gillman said for his customers the focus and balance of marketing and advertising strategy have to be adapted according to how they sell and whether they are solely online or have physical stores too.

But Green says retailers have to be careful to keep the customer in mind. “It’s important to be thinking more about the customer than the channel so if you are creating those silos with your budget you are creating silos with your optimisation and strategy.” Instead, he advised retailers to look at a whole search approach. Green also highlighted the importance of testing within the business.

Optimizing the presence online is about seizing the opportunities of incrementality, said Kidd. “One of the keys to optimising across channels is this idea of incrementality. There has to be a constant test and learn,” he said.

Watch the panel discussion in full to discover more strategies to optimize your ecommerce presence to drive growth, including how to most effectively manage marketplaces, what to concentrate on in terms of SEO and the customer experience and the role of content in driving performance.  

Watch the session on optimizing your ecommerce presence for growth.

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