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Meet the Marketplace: Allegro - Selling cross border with Poland’s most loved marketplace.

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In the Meet the Marketplace session Allegro - Selling Crossborder with Poland’s Most Loved Marketplace, Business Development Partner Shakhil Shah gives an introduction to the Allegro marketplace.


  • How Poland’s ecommerce is growing
  • What is Allegro
  • Who is Using Allegro
  • How to Get Started on Allegro

Allegro - Selling crossborder with Poland’s most loved marketplace

Allegro is one of the most well recognized brands in Poland and up until recently, one of the only marketplaces in Poland, says Business Development Partner Shakhil Shah. Allegro has been in operations since 1999, and 86 percent of surveyed Polish internet users mentioned it.

Shah reports that ecommerce is growing in Poland, and 85 percent of Polish internet users shop online. Poland is the largest economy in Central and Eastern Europe with the fifth largest population in EU. 

Allegro sees 21 users per month with 380 million visits per month. “If you really want to make an impact in Poland, this is one of the places to do it,” Shah says. There was 13.5 million active buyers in the end of Q4 2021, which was an increase of 2.9 percent.

The top categories for Allegro include, home and garden, electronics, clothing and fashion and children’s items. Clothing, accessories, footwear, cosmetics and perfumes are a handful of the most frequently bought items. 

It’s available in 24 EU countries and has recently launched an English website as well. Shah also says that Allegro’s mobile growth has increased steadily over the years, with the majority of traffic (70 percent) coming from mobile. 

In the session, Shah explains that many users actually start that their shopping journey on Allegro, noting 32 percent search for products. A breakdown for March 2021 showed that 79 percent of internet users in Poland visited Allegro. 

An overview of how to get started on Allegro was also discussed during the session. There are no listing fees, only a sales commission of five to fifteen percent, and it is open for merchants of all sizes. Allegro offers an onboarding support, attractive welcome program for new sellers, strategic partner program for brands, a dedicated key account manager for the best sellers and instant payment solutions. 

To further promote a produce and create visibility on Allegro, there are options for various types of advertisement opportunities, including sponsored offers and display ads. 

Watch the session on-demand.

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