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Blog Article

Purchase Orders Released to

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Will Bowes

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The Linnworks team are thrilled to announce the release of the Purchase Orders feature within We are delighted to add this feature to the ever-growing system. Our Development Team have worked hard to prepare this feature for our customers and we look forward to seeing it in action. 


Purchase Orders is one of the last major modules to be ported over from Linnworks Desktop and with it's release removes one of the last hurdles that held existing users from the final full time step to

The Purchase Orders screen is now accessible from To find out where to view it, take a look at the graphic below.


“We've worked hard over the last month to get the PO functionality ready. We're still polishing the corners and we're really interested to see what you make of it and how we can improve the page for all our users. Our next project is to add a Stock In screen into, where we're hoping to improve the integration between Purchase Orders and Stock In to simplify your lives even further.”

“We're looking forward to hearing your feedback on User Voice

Patrick Loney, Senior Developer

As of today, Linnworks users can:

  • Create and Edit Purchase Orders
  • Use search to filter by:
  • Supplier reference
  • PO Reference
  • Location
  • View different screens to see Purchase Orders at differing stages
  • View the Audit log of every Purchase Order
  • Create, Edit, Review notes on each Purchase Order

The Linnworks Purchase Orders feature is already scheduled for a further update which will add the ability to print Purchase Orders and email them directly to suppliers. 

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