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Linn Academy 2021 On-Demand: Prepare for peak with order management best practice with Linnworks.

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Order Management
Linn Academy 2021 Virtual.

Catch up with this Linn Academy Virtual session on-demand here.

Want to understand best practice strategies to streamline order management ahead of peak trading?

In this session, Linnworks Product Manager Chris Gates, showcases the latest Linnworks Order Management enhancements


  • What peak 2021 will look like
  • Common tactics used at peak
  • New tools to try to better manage peak orders
  • Linnworks Features such as Sharing Views, Reducing Errors and Despatch Console

Prepare for peak season with order management best practice with Linnworks. 

Preparing for peak is more important than ever this year and means adopting best practices in order management is key, explained Chris Gates, product manager at Linnworks.

He ran through a number of tactics that sellers often embrace, which can bring their own challenges. These included, for example, hiring temporary staff, which can lead to slow onboarding and the possibility of mistakes. Using the Linnworks system he explained how the Sharing Views functionality can help onboard staff quicker.

The Linnworks platform also contains several settings that help users to reduce errors and Gates guided viewers through these. However, he advised against a one-size-fits-all approach and instead said sellers should look at which might be the most appropriate for their businesses. “Some of these settings might look like roadblocks to processing orders as soon as possible but mistakes take time to fix as well so it’s about finding the right balancing act for your business.”

Gates also looked at what quick wins could look like. “Quick wins are orders you can fulfill quickly and easily so that you can see that open order count going down so your staff know that there’s light at the end of the tunnel and can see their progress throughout the day,” he said. He explained how to use the system to find quick wins and illustrated new features on the Linnworks platform such as clickable fulfillment indicators.

Gates also highlighted how Linnworks users could automate more tasks, from communication to decision making and fulfillment. Finally, he previewed some of the upcoming features of the platform, such as Action Chains, which will allow users could do more with one click and improve the efficiency of order management.

“With the right techniques your peak sales period doesn’t have to be a cause of worry and stress. It shouldn’t be a bad thing, so using all those tools you should be able to step back and celebrate that success,” he said.

Watch the session on the latest Linnworks order management enhancements.

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