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Wholesale Clearance UK Ltd is a family run business based in Poole in Dorset, England and is a renowned supplier of high quality stock to both trade and the public. Our many satisfied customers include retailers, market traders, carbooters and eBay sellers and as a result of our extraordinary reach, products are shipped quickly and easily around the UK and worldwide.

The stock we bring into Wholesale Clearance is usually drawn from bankrupt and clearance stock, or it is comprised of job-lots, catalog returns, overstocks or factory clearance. Stock is low priced so that profit margins for customers are maximized and we ensure that the selection available is ever-changing. Here at Wholesale Clearance we like to ensure that customers have a constant array of interesting and unique products that will appeal to buyers rather than risk their branded offer becoming stale and old fashioned. We recognize that the important thing for our customers is that they sell, sell, sell – not sit on their stock for weeks and months!

At any one time we can have a huge and diverse variety of products on the website for people to browse. We specialize in low price branded clothing, footwear and seasonal items but we also have jewelry, toys, tools, electrical equipment, home fragrance and novelty items.

The beauty of what we at Wholesale Clearance offer is that there is no need for a trade account or signup. Any new customer can easily access the website and with a swift click of their mouse they can buy and SELL goods.

Yes, we let others sell their goods through Wholesale Clearance too. We have incorporated this Wholesale Marketplace to our website where any seller can join up for free. This sellers’ portal allows each trader to create their own adverts and place items for sale on the website. It’s really simple:once they’ve added themselves they can then offer their entire stock consisting of end of lines or unwanted stock to our website and advertise for sellers.

We pride ourselves on our friendly and laid back customer service and offer comprehensive support 7 days a week, via email, phone or in person at the warehouse. Added to this we like to engage with our customers through our social media presence – be that through chatting, joking, blogging or running competitions. Buying and selling is a serious business but we can still have fun doing it.

And we know we’re getting that balance right because we have customers that return time and time again to take advantage of one of our unique offers while over 2,300 transparent 5 Star+ reviews of our business have been generated on Trustpilot. We offer a low risk, high quality solution for small businesses and we’re genuinely interested in understanding what sells so that we can better meet the needs of our customers.

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