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Linn Academy 2021 On-Demand: Maximize the potential of the Linnworks commerce ecosystem.

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Linn Academy 2021 Virtual.

Catch up with this Linn Academy Virtual session on-demand here.

With an ever-expanding app store, Linnworks aims to offer every technology that you might need – and if not they want to integrate it for you. In this session, Linnworks gives an overview of the app store and reveals some of its latest app announcements.


  • What Linnworks total commerce is
  • An overview of the Linnworks app store
  • Success stories
  • New app partners

Maximize the potential of the Linnworks commerce ecosystem.

With more than 100 apps within its app store Linnworks aims to offer every technology that merchants might need, explained Alexandra Nolan, Partner Program Manager and Lynn Torbert, Partner Director North America at Linnworks.

The pair explained that the total commerce platform of Linnworks exists as an ecosystem that allows merchants to connect into multiple apps and integrations, but with the ability to log into one backend. The company has four partner tiers – commercial, onboarding, customization and app partners but in this session focussed on the app partners.

Nolan explained that the company works with all its partners to build seamless integrations that plug into the interface. “We have a joint proposition so that we can bring into that ecosystem the very best technology for you to integrate with,” she said.

Although the app store already has over 100 apps Torbert and Nolan urged merchants to get in touch if there were apps they would like to see, as integrations might already be underway and, if not, then open APIs could allow quick integration.

Nolan explained that the abundance of apps was because there are so many technologies available that merchants might find useful. “We work with 4,000 brands globally and no two are the same so we want to integrate with all of the technology you could need,” she said.

The pair announced a number of new or imminent partnerships, including marketplace integration provider Mirakl, global marketplaces such as Allegro, FNAC and Wayfair, and shipping integrations with EasyPost, EasyShip and ShipBob. 

Watch the session.

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