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Linn Academy 2021 On-Demand: Maximize ecommerce sales with ads.

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Linn Academy 2021 Virtual.

Catch up with this Linn Academy Virtual session on-demand here.

The effectiveness of advertising on marketplaces means it’s something merchants must consider. In this session, eBay reveals more about the opportunity and three key offerings that can help raise merchant visibility.


  • The effectiveness of advertising on marketplaces
  • Why ecommerce advertising is exploding
  • eBay’s core advertising offerings
  • The success of advertisers on eBay
  • The beta launch of Promoted Listings Advanced
  • Other new services – such as Promoted Listings Express

Maximize Ecommerce sales with ads.

Advertising on marketplaces is a hugely effective tool to drive customers, according to Alex Kazim, Vice President and General Manager of Global Advertising at eBay.

He said that the increased complexity of the customer journey, the different touchpoints and connections, makes standing out more important than ever, but said that 88% of consumers start their purchase on marketplaces. “Marketplaces have an enormous opportunity to help merchants sell their goods,” he said.

And advertising on the channel through tools such as Promoted Listings really works, he said. “Not only are they great at driving extra velocity for the merchants, they are actually really efficient. When you look at the return on ad spend for marketplaces, they are far better than what you would find if you have your own storefront and you are trying to run advertising on search engines.”

He said that 70% of eBay purchases start from a search within the platform, and ran through three key offerings from eBay. They include the existing Promoted Listings Standard, the recently launched Promoted Listings Advanced which is currently in beta, and Promoted Listings Express, which is for smaller users.

Watch the session.

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