Marketplace Roundup | November 2017

Every month we will be bringing you the latest news from the online marketplaces we integrate with across the globe. We will cover topics such as new releases from leading marketplaces, right through to new integrations with new platforms, and important updates from the world's biggest eCommerce sites and couriers.



Amazon Australia

Amazon's empire has expanded to Australia, with the launch of Linnworks has released an integration to support users looking to expand into this market, however this is an invite-only option, so if your business is selling internationally and you wish to get involved, filling out this form is essential (view the sign-up page here). 

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 10.59.32.png

Amazon Australia is expected to grow to $32.56 billion by the end of this year, therefore now is the best time to join this fast growing marketplace. It's rumoured that pre-launch selling trials have already started, so if you have signed up but do not wish to participate in the trial, please turn your accounts to inactive for the period of the trial.

Amazon Business and VAT Calculation Service

To improve the shopping experience on and, business customers are now able to filter search and browse results to show products exclusively offered by badged Business Sellers. With the Business Seller badge, sellers also benefit from higher chances to win the buy-box and higher visibility on their offers to the millions of customers already purchasing on Amazon.

You can earn the Business Seller badge by activating the VAT Calculation Service, to do this visit Amazon’s dedicated page.

Once you have activated the VAT Calculation Service, it will be easier for you to access the VAT invoices generated by the service. The new VAT Calculation Report provides access to all VAT invoices as well as detailed information on VAT calculations for sales, refunds and returns three days after the order has been shipped. The report type "VAT Invoices" lets sellers generate a compressed folder containing the set of invoices for a selected period. The VAT Calculation Report can be viewed in the Tax Document library of your Amazon reports.


Watermarked Images:

Following on from their previous ban of decorations and text on sellers images, eBay will prevent online sellers from using watermarked images, it also means that other sellers can re-use your images for their own listings. This will be in place from 1st March 2018, keep this in mind, because if users post watermarked images beyond this date, their listing will be removed.

  • Also, from Spring 2018, when online sellers create new listings or manage those that are already active on the site, their items will automatically be matched to products like their own in the eBay catalog.
  • eBay will then use the product identifiers sellers provide in their listings to find product matches for the items they are selling, these will then help eBay identify the accurate product review:

eBay's new rules will seriously affect online sellers who are trying to protect their images, however, images with no watermarks may get promoted more, meaning more people see your product listing. Therefore it may be a positive change overall.

Removing watermarked images either means removing and reshooting the images altogether, or using Adobe Photoshop to remove them (see how here).

eBay Authenticate:

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 09.42.37-1.png

The all new eBay Authenticate was released on 17th October, and to this day, it has proven to be a very useful change. It reassures buyers that luxury designer handbags are given the stamp of authentication, so they aren't being tricked into buying a fake. With the holidays fast approaching, products most likely to be given as Christmas presents will be in high demand, so the chances of a fake being out there are increased.

On the subject of the festive period, now is as good a time as any to test some of eBay's selling tools to help you increase your sales in this high-traffic time for the site. It is also important to be aware of some of the changes at eBay and try and preempt any algorithm changes that may be coming in the next few months. 

Promoted Listings:

This month will see eBay focus heavily on their promoted listings and how sellers can benefit from these heading into the festive period.

eBay suggest 3 top tips for making sure your Promoted Listings have their highest possible effectiveness:

  • Set A Competitive Ad Rate

Your ad rate is an important metric for ensuring your Ad is shown during a search. Making sure your Ad rate is competitive against competing listings, will ensure your promoted listing gains the maximum exposure possible.

  • Leave Campaigns Running

Many eBay sellers test Promoted listings for a short period of time. The key to an effective test is to keep them running and ensure you gather enough data to make an informed decision.

Remember:Promoted Listings only cost you money when they generate a sale, meaning there is no harm in letting them run for a longer period of time.

  • Select Listings That Drive Results

Another key tactic is ensuring you select listings that are already generating sales. If you select listings with a poor conversation rate, you will never see the benefit of driving additional traffic to them.

Other Marketplaces


Etsy has introduced the new Shop Manager, built for online seller's unique needs in mind. This means every time you visit Shop Manager, you’ll have a clear picture of what’s going on with your business, and which items need your attention next. You’ll also have access to a revamped navigation that will give you quick and easy access to the tools you needs most.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 10.39.49-1.png

Users can click "Join the Prototype" to explore this new tool before it's release and try the new tool before making a purchasing decision.


Coolshop is the first multi Scandinavian marketplace, which stretches out to seven countries:

  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom

The goal for Coolshop is to offer low commissions for vendors, high transparency for vendors and customers as well as keeping the business model very simple. The marketplace platform is highly scalable, so vendors only have to provide one price including VAT, English titles and description, and they will be able to sell in all 7 markets because the Platform handles VAT and currency conversion. Coolshop aims to have high-quality products and brands, and we allow ourselves to be selective in the products selection.

This marketplace is unique due to its growth in 7 countries, which can be targeted with only 1 registration*, easy access to the Nordic countries and promotes freedom of choice for the individual Vendor.

(*Countries outside EU require an individual registration. E.g. Norway.)

For more information on Coolshop, head to their website


ShopTo is a UK-based Electronics/Technology marketplace based in Reading, Berkshire. Specializing in computer games and related technology such as computing and audiovisual equipment. This could become a great additional sales platform for any online seller selling in the Tech Vertical on eBay, Amazon or on sites such as Game and NewEgg.

Linnworks has launched a new integration with ShopTo, meaning you can now connect your ShopTo account with Linnworks, providing you with the ability to:

  • Automatically download new orders
  • Mark orders as despatched once processed
  • Update your listings with available stock levels

For more information on Linnworks' integration with ShopTo, click here.

For more information on Linnworks' direct marketplace integrations, you can view a full list here.

On the 2nd November, Newegg has unveiled key operational milestones in its expansion throughout parts of Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. It has stated its intent to reach a total of 50 countries with a beta program that initiated its global expansion effort in June. Newegg ramped up its global infrastructure significantly since the beta launch, and today reports key growth metrics in nearly all of those 50 countries.

To view what Newegg now feature, click here.


The FedEx pickup and dropoff services are now available to over 7,500 different locations around all 50 states in America.

The milestone comes 10 months after the company announced a long-term alliance agreement to offer convenient access to FedEx pickup and drop off at thousands of Walgreens locations across the country. You can view the full press release here.


The Magento B2B Resource Hub was released November 1st and is a brand new angle to arming your business with the right resources to address your unique challenges. Providing ways of reaching out to customers and understand their buying habits, giving your business a head start in this new, competitive industry.

To find out more about the new Hub, click here.

The U.S. Postal Service will raise its prices from the 21st January 2018, meaning that will also be raising its prices for customers buying online. Although it's not a huge increase (see full details here) it's worth knowing, especially if you were sending out an order in bulk.


Wordpress has released its 4.9 version update called Tipton, which is proudly named after Jazz musician Billy Tipton. The update has tons of exciting new features, including a much smoother design workflow to keep you safe from coding errors. This secures your draft design so that no one can make changes to it or erase all your hard work.

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 11.40.05.png

It also includes a new gallery view update, so your customers can view images of products with ease. It also features design drafts, scheduling, and locking, along with preview links, the Customizer workflow improves collaboration for content creators. What’s more, code syntax highlighting and error checking will make for a clean and smooth site building experience. A good looking site is one of the first steps to making a sale , so if your site looks good and is easy to use, you're sure to get attraction. To view more details on the Wordpress update, click here.

City Sprint:

City Sprint has introduced Callibrate 2017 as now being accessible to customers. This yearly report brings over 1,000 SME's (Small to Medium-sized Enterprises) together and reports on their progress and collaborations with one another throughout the year. See the full report here.

Royal Mail:

Royal Mail has had its quarterly report back and its second class services have beaten their quality standards, delivering 98.8% of their parcels within 3 working days. While this beats their target of 98.5%, the delivery service just missed out on their target of First Class delivery, with 92.9% of parcels delivered next working day against a target of 93%. Keeping up to date with how couriers are performing with their service will allow you to choose a reliable courier to carry out your deliveries. If you know a courier is doing badly in services, you would want to know about it right?

Click hereto see the full report. 

More Updates Next Month...

Be sure to check out next month's eCommerce round-up, where Linnworks will update you on eCommerce news that could affect your business.

Written by:

Emily Ralston


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