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Linnworks with relish.

Relish is an ecommerce social impact business that designs and develops products and services that bring help and wellbeing to those with dementia and their caregivers through joy and connection.

We spoke with Cormac Stanford, Marketing Director at Relish, about the business, its goals, what the past year of a pandemic has been like, and the biggest growth area for Relish. 

Tell us more about your business? 

When CEO Ben Atkinson-Willes tried and failed to find something he could do with his grandfather after he developed Alzheimer’s, he created his own activity — a puzzle. 

This was in 2010, when the only thing available on the market suitable for his grandad’s abilities were children’s toys and puzzles. His grandfather loved the puzzle so much that Ben made another one — and another one. Ben continued to research and refine the puzzles, developing activities that people with dementia can enjoy. 

From there, Relish was born. 

What are your business goals? 

Our mission is to positively affect the lives of the 55 million (and counting) people with dementia globally. This means developing the right products and services that effectively answer their wellbeing needs, bringing joy and connection to both those with dementia and their caregivers.

How has COVID affected your business? What has the past year been like? 

The past year was one that was full of change

The pandemic brought about a broader recognition of the need to bring focus to the wellbeing of people with dementia, both in care homes and at their own homes. We were able to see this need through the sharp increase of online shopping. 

This increase caused more customers to come to us who were searching for activities to do with their family members and friends who have dementia. Therefore, we saw a higher year-over-year growth rate than we originally anticipated.  

We also rebranded from Active Minds to Relish, reflecting our promise to bring wellbeing to those with dementia. With that came a complete website rebuild, package redesign, product refresh, and a rehaul of our full stock. 

The impact of Brexit on our European sales were more complicated than we at first expected, but we have been lucky to find a solution to distribute throughout the EU. We planned ahead well to mitigate the impact on cash flow through rigid stock management

Where has the biggest area of growth been for Relish? 

We are on a significant growth trajectory. The biggest growth over the last year has been in the US market

Future growth will be a combination of the right product development to meet our consumers needs, market awareness globally and building our online presence. 

In addition, growth depends on our ability to identify and utilize the distributors, retailers and marketplaces that can give us reach. 

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