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Linn Academy 2021 On-Demand: How Linnworks can help solve these four common business challenges.

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Inventory Management
Linn Academy 2021 Virtual.

Catch up with this Linn Academy Virtual session on-demand here.

There are four common business challenges that retailers often face.

Join Linnworks Customer Success Team Lead Sam Wakeford and senior Customer Success Manager Anna Craddock, who demonstrate how Linnworks can help in each.


  • Four common business challenges retailers face
  • How the Linnworks platform can help to solve those challenges
  • A product and feature demonstration

Strategies to navigate business challenges and minimize interruption.

Understanding common business challenges and having the strategies to overcome and avoid them is important to mitigate business interruption and manage and drive growth.

Sam Wakeford, customer success team lead at Linnworks, said the first of these challenges was overselling and poor stock management. “As a customer ordering online there is nothing worse experience-wise than processing the order to get a notification later on that the item is out of stock. As a business, there’s the reality of ultimately having to turn away a sale because you can’t meet the demand.”

The second scenario, disorganized shipping management, can also prove timely to manage and therefore costly for the business, according to Anna Craddock, senior customer success manager at Linnworks. She outlined how services such as the rules engine can help improve efficiency and allow retailers to operate more smartly.

The third challenge, inefficient order processing, which can limit scalability and business expansion, can be solved with functionality such as the centralized open order screen, as well as customizable pick, pack and dispatch workflows, explained Wakeford.

Finally, Craddock examined the challenge of fulfillment accuracy and how Linnworks’ mobile functionality can help. “Linnworks Mobile is a newer feature that we strongly encourage any client explores to improve their overall pick and pack process,” she said. The system uses barcode scanning functionality to unlock the ability to generate pick waves (a digital pick list) in the warehouse and also has Force Item Scan, a function that helps to prevent mis-picks.

Learn how to solve common business challenges. Watch the session.

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