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Linnworks releases 3 new apps enabling integrations with Groupon, IDoSell & Mento.

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We're really excited to announce that three new apps have been released in the Linnworks Application Store by our partner eBusiness Guru. These apps offer Linnworks customers with the option to integrate their account with online deals site Groupon, Polish eCommerce platform IDoSell and social media scheduling and eCommerce marketing solution Mento. 

Groupon Integration.

In business since 2008, Groupon is arguably the biggest online deals site, offering deals on things as diverse as gifts, restaurant visits, fitness programs, travel and accommodation. They advertise themselves as a marketplace, and work with a wide range of businesses to provide their 48.1 million registered customers with a stream of new deals and opportunities. 

Having recognized the popularity of Groupon as a channel for generating orders, eBusiness Guru have developed an app that enables an integration with, allowing Linnworks customers to automate processes, avoiding order errors of lost errors, while saving time and money. 

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In addition, with shipping mapping, your orders from Groupon will also gain the correct shipping options for label printing, removing even more manual intervention and options for mistakes. 

IDoSell Integration.

IDoSell is a Polish eCommerce solution, supporting a wide range of customizations, while also combining facilities for online and brick-and-mortar retail. With robust multi-currency handling for cross-border trading, and the flexibility to change not only the appearance of your shop, but the features using plugins, IDoSell is a popular choice in the European market. 

The platform further offers a wide range of tools to attract customers and encourage repeat sales, including loyalty points and cards, sale and special offer funcionality, as well as A/B testing to trial customizations to your shop design. In addition, they have a messaging system that can trigger emails and SMS's for specific dates, or in response to events, whether that be the customer's birthday, a public holiday or following up on an abandoned basket.

This new IDoSell integration in the Application Store, enables you to connect IDoSell with other sites and marketplaces you manage within The integration supports orders and maps your shipping services, enabling you to pick, pack and print shipping labels, and mark as dispatched (with tracking details).

Mento Integration.

Mento is a social media scheduling and marketing tool designed specifically for online sellers, eCommerce store owners and marketplace vendors. It connects directly to your eCommerce sites including eBay, Amazon, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify and Etsy, and allows you to use the information and pictures within your product listings/inventory to create social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and/or VKontakte (VK).

With the Mento integration for Linnworks, available in the Linnworks App Store, you can launch and use it from within, accessing all of the product information and pictures in your Linnworks inventory. 

To set up your integrations with Groupon, IDoSell and/or Mento, simply login to and click on 'Settings' on the sidebar. This will reveal the 'Application Store' button, allowing you to search for either 'Eagle Groupon Connector for Linnworks', 'Eagle IDoSell Connector for Linnworks' or 'Mento'. You can click on the entry and install it into your account, and then sign up for a subscription to use it. Once signed up, you can enter the details for your IDoSell shop, or Groupon account(s), and then create the connection to Linnworks. 

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