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Linn Academy 2021 On-Demand: Linnworks product showcase: Grow, Automate and Be in Control.

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Linnworks Product Development
Linn Academy 2021 Virtual.

Catch up with this Linn Academy Virtual session on-demand here.

Linnworks is a constantly evolving platform, responding to and anticipating customer needs. To discover the plethora of new features due in the next 12 months watch Simon Curd, product manager at Linnworks, outline what’s coming next.

  • Key enhancements in inventory, order, warehouse and catalog management
  • Proposed timelines for new features
  • Plans for new integrations
  • Spotlights on 3PL, shipping and couriers, B2B options and more
  • Platform changes including new insights tools
  • Additional security measures

How to achieve Total Commerce with Linnworks.

“We are living in the moment of the great commerce acceleration and having tools at hand to address the ever-changing needs and markets is essential,” Linnworks Product Manager Simon Curd, told delegates during Linn Academy 2021.

As the effortless economy continues to emerge, he said it was vital that businesses were able to grow revenue, expand channels, automate operations and be in control. “Soon the final barriers of effortless consumption will disappear,” he said.

To help in the fast-changing landscape of retail, Curd outlined several new features and enhancements that Linnworks will be introducing over the next twelve months across all elements of its platform.

Within inventory management, he previewed new functionality such as enhanced warehouse transfers which make it easier to move stock between locations, as well as stock forecasting to help retailers better manage inventory. The stock forecasting tool has been on trial for some time but will go live next year. “We want to be able to weave together our historical reporting and our stock forecasting so that it feels like it’s a seamless transition from looking at the past to forecasting the future,” he said.

Within order management, action chains will allow users to combine each step of fulfillment to create a custom workflow that makes sense for their business, while enhanced returns will make it easier to process stock coming back from customers.

He also previewed the new warehouse management element of Linnworks which will be available as a new module and will include multi-location stock – providing a richer view of warehouse stock in multiple locations, as well as pick sequences and mobile ready pickwaves.

New catalog management features will be particularly important to helping customers organize and improve product content to increase conversion on sales channels, said Curd.

He also shone a spotlight on other elements of the system including integrations, 3PLs, shipping and couriers, B2B as well as evolutions of the platform around security, developer tools and insights. “Our mission is to help brands sell better. That’s at the heart of what we are doing,” he said. 

Learn how to achieve Total Commerce with Linnworks. Watch the showcase.

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