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Linnworks Launch New System Status page.

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Following the recent feedback we received from both our customers and partners, the Linnworks team have recently released our brand new Linnworks Status page. To view the page, just head to– there is no need to login.

On this page, Linnworks users will be able to view the current status of a range of Linnworks systems including:

  • (incl. access to the system, printing services and the API)
  • Linnworks Desktop (incl. Patch downloads and the Scripts Server)
  • Database status – Meaning if you cannot access your system, you will know why and the ETA on a fix
  • Linnlive
  • Autonomous synchronization status
  • Authorization services (the ability to login to your system)
  • Email servers
  • (Linnworks homepage)

The page will be updated by the Linnworks Technical Support Team and will be the first port of call for any Linnworks customer having issues logging into the system.

This new page is part of Linnworks’ initiative to improve communication between the team and our customers.

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