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11 Reasons Why You Should Be Using The Data Import Tool.

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You may be aware that we have recently introduced a new and improved Data Import Tool within, in a bid to improve the user experience for our customers. Below we have compiled the biggest differences between the old Desktop Data Import Tool and the version, and with that in mind, if you haven't already changed, here are eleven reasons why you should:

historically was that end users had to run multiple imports to fully set up their inventory, for example they would be required to run up to five separate imports to add all of their data to their Linnworks inventory, even if they had the data stored in a single file. With, a single inventory import can now create items, set stock levels, add extended properties, add images, add supplier details, and add set listing prices, titles and descriptions. 

The new data import tool is available everywhere, without the need to have a desktop application - The desktop data import tool is a separate utility that is installed as part of the desktop application, and therefore can only be used on a Windows PC that has Linnworks installed. With However, the import functionality is now part of the platform, meaning that there is no need to leave, and as it is browser based there is no need to have any software installed.

Consistent design for both manual and automated imports - With the desktop version, automated imports and run once imports are implemented in different ways, which means that the end user is required to learn two different ways of setting these up. In, users can access both from the same screen, while following the same basic logic, making it much easier to set up new imports. 

In other words, if you have set up a one off import, you will also know how to set up an automated import. In addition to this, it is also now possible to force the execution of an automated import through the Run Now option, instead of waiting for the schedule. In Desktop, you would have had to run the whole sync which would have delayed this import. With this in mind, if you still have any of the old style automated imports set up in Linnworks Desktop, we recommend that you migrate these across to 

Support for additional locations - With, you no longer have the limitation of only being able to work with files on your local network, as additional locations such as Dropbox,FTP and SFTP are now supported. This makes it much easier for team members and 3rd parties, such as suppliers, to provide you with the files containing the data that you need to update your system.

Schedules - It is now possible to schedule automatic checks for either file updates or new files, which will update the listing price on your inventory, and if enabled in your channel, it will push the updates live for you.

This is particularly useful if you have regular price updates from your supplier, saving you significant time by automating the adjustment of your listing prices. 

Templates - Our new column mapping feature within the data import tool has the potential to save you a lot of time, when dealing with files containing column headers that don't automatically map to the Linnworks column. 

Deleting is safer - The bulk delete option has now been moved to a seperate import type, which makes for safer use of this functionality. In addition, it now also runs more efficiently due to the way the routines are executed. 

Logging - When using the desktop data import tool, the ability to log when exactly your imports have run is very limited, whereas with, every time the import is executed it is recorded in the Automation logs. It is also possible to retrieve a copy of recent files used during the import.

Automatic file management - Once a file has been imported using, it is possible to set up the system to automatically move or rename the file, helping the house-keeping of you folders.

File validation - With, we are able to validate the data within the file to a much higher level of data. This means that we can ensure we aren't breaking the integrity of the data you have stored within your Linnworks database. 

Faster importing - also enables you to import larger files with more data, at a faster rate. The imports can handle millions of rows of data, which the old Desktop utility would have either failed to handle, or taken an excessive amount of time to process.

Please be aware that the data import tool within Linnworks Desktop is now unsupported, meaning we will no longer be updating it and it will therefore fall out of use. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you start using the new and improved version within

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