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Linnworks Announce Integration

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Will Bowes
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We are excited to announce a brand new partnership with eBay template designer CrazyLister. provide easy-to-create HTML listings which can be directly pasted into Linnworks in only a few simple clicks. Using CrazyLister’s straighforward WYSIWYG editor, you can create beautiful HTML listing templates without the need to learn HTML or pay a designer.

Below, we have provided more information, along with an exclusive special offer that you can claim by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

It is no secret that listing optimization is a crucial part of successful selling online, in fact CrazyLister have actually seen some businesses increase sales by up to 220%solely through optimizing their eBay listings.

Working with CrazyLister

It is incredibly easy for any Linnworks user to start improving their listings with the CrazyLister tool, and the video below demonstrates how exactly it works for Linnworks customers.


CrazyLister templates are:

  • Fully-mobile optimized 
  • 100% compliant with new eBay listing regulations 
  • Easy to install directly to your Linnworks configurator 

Using Crazylister with Linnworks

In order to use Crazylister to create listings within Linnworks, all you need to do is connect both your Linnworks and Crazylister accounts via Crazylister. They will then provide you with Linnworks-enabled listing templates.

Current success with Linnworks 

Linnworks' customer Tracy, from Totally Discounted, has already seen some fantastic results by working with Crazylister. Tracy, who's specaility is technology items such as mobile screen projecters, chargers and other AV equipment said:

"We wanted an easy solution to create nice ebay templates which could quickly and easily be updated and managed. There are many solutions available, most have very limited functionality or control over the look and design of the templates created. What Crazylister offer is considerably better than anything else we have looked at or seen."

Claim your exclusive special offer

As part of an exclusive promotion for Linnworks users, CrazyLister are very generously offering each business a free template, designed by a professional designer. To claim your free template, all you need to do is simply sign up for a free trial here.

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