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Linn Academy Virtual 2020: What's next for the future of ecommerce in 2021 and beyond

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Nadia Barmada
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In a turbulent year full of opportunities and challenges for online retailers, Linn Academy Virtual 2020 brings together experts from online brands, platforms and suppliers to get the latest insights on what is next for ecommerce in the face of Covid19, Brexit, disrupted supply chains and evolving consumer expectations - you can catch up with all sessions on-demand now.

Linn Academy 2020 brings together industry leaders and experts from companies at the forefront of ecommerce innovation, like Amazon, eBay, Facebook and Google, leading service providers Klarna, Big Commerce, Shipstation, Payoneer and Fruugo, and global brands such as Lululemon, Ford, Brewdog, Turtle Wax and Source BMX, to unpack the future of ecommerce in 2021 and beyond.

Attendees to the two-day free virtual conference will hear insights and strategies from the merchants and brands who excelled during the crisis by building supply-chain resilience and improving the agility of their online strategies.

The conference agenda will include sessions on trading cross-border in 2021, opportunities to grow with marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, supply strategies to keep up with customer demand, and how new payment habits are bringing disruptors like Klarna and Payoneer into the ecommerce space. There will also be deep-dives into social commerce with Facebook, and customer experience with Amazon Shipping and Shipstation.

Highlights from the two-day event will saw keynotes from:

Linn Academy 2020 Virtual

As Callum Campbell, CEO, Linnworks, explains “We are delighted to be organising Linn Academy 2020 as the ecommerce industry navigates its way out of the current uncertainties to a more defined future. We have brought together some of the most influential brands and experts in the ecommerce sector to talk through how to negotiate difficulties such as Brexit and embrace innovation to get ahead of the competition. As an industry we can no longer afford to talk in two-dimensional terms of online vs offline, because unless you are considering a fully-integrated omnichannel strategy, merchants and brands will struggle to survive.”

Linn Academy Virtual 2020 agenda

Linn Academy will also host panel discussions on the future of eCommerce with leading retail experts, including Sara Lone, Research Director, Retail X and Ian Jindal, Founder, Internet Retailing, to uncover the biggest ecommerce trends for 2020 and the challenges and opportunities for retailers going into 2021. Source BMX and Brewdog will both be joining Linn Academy to talk about their experiences growing ecommerce businesses, while Turtle Wax will discuss how it has built resilience into its ecommerce infrastructure in 2020.

Catch up with Linn Academy Virtual 2020 on demand - Watch now

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