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Linn Academy 2020 On-Demand: The eBay Roadmap for 2021 and how to increase visibility with eBay marketing tools.

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Linn Academy 2020.

In this session Chris Gardner, Trading Director for home and garden eBay, reveals the eBay roadmap for 2021 and beyond.

Watch this session to hear:

  • How the ecommerce industry has been impacted this year
  • What eBay has done to support buyers and sellers during the pandemic
  • The three main trends it has witnessed
  • Its main priorities for now and the future
  • The eBay roadmap for 2021 and beyond

Supporting sellers during lockdown and helping them move forward after has been a key priority for eBay during 2020, and new features coming in 2021 and beyond will continue to help.

Chris Gardner, trading director for home and garden at eBay, told Linn Academy 2020 about what measures eBay had taken during lockdown. He said that the impact of the pandemic had been felt widely – from struggling smaller brands to larger giants. “We have seen how fragile some of the most established brands are,” he said.

Although he pointed out that the full impact had yet to be felt, he said customers still wanted and needed to shop, and that value was now becoming even more important to shoppers. “eBay is already a destination for cost conscious buyers, and we’ll become even more relevant for low income communities,” he said.

Three main trends identified since lockdown.

Gardner revealed that eBay had seen three main trends since lockdown. They included “hundreds of thousands” of new businesses joining for the first time; bigger retailers joining to develop a new route to market and the fact that moving sales onto eBay has represented a lifeline for businesses.

He also shared figures on how the platform had performed over the period and the products most in demand.

eBay offered various methods to help businesses over the period – including payment holidays and new seller support. Such support will continue in the future too, said Gardner, as he outlined the company’s three priorities for 2021 and beyond. They include defending the core business; being the platform of choice for sellers and cultivating life-long trusted relationships with buyers.

This will include the introduction of new tools, as well as the expansion of Managed Payments as eBay looks to enhance payment options for its buyers and sellers.

And he said the company would also look to see how it could help businesses with other challenges too. “Looking forward we know there are many challenges ahead for business in the UK, not least of which is Brexit. In line with the approach during lockdown we will be working to support businesses, manage the process and remove friction wherever possible and will continue to work to enable businesses to create economic opportunity during these very challenging times.”

Watch the on-demand webinar now.

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