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Linn Academy 2020 On-Demand: How to use eBay’s promoted listings advertising service.

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Linn Academy 2020.

In this session Fabio Esposti, Head of Product Marketing, Advertising eBay Europe, explains how to get the most from eBay’s Promoted Listings advertising service.

Watch this session to hear:

  • Why you need to increase visibility of your listings
  • eBay’s Promoted Listings advertising service and how it works
  • The 6 main benefits of the service
  • How it can help you increase views by nearly a third
  • How to create the perfect listing
  • The top tips for getting the most out of your campaign

With 32 million UK visitors a month – the equivalent of someone from every household in the country – promoting your listings on eBay offers huge opportunities to further boost sales.

“If you are selling something online eBay is one of the top places for you to be,” Fabio Esposti, head of product marketing, eBay advertising eBay Europe, told delegates at the Linn Academy 2020.

He described Promoted Listings as the first step in a seller’s eBay marketing toolkit. “It’s the only tool that will help you to increase your visibility,” he said, pointing out that other tools such as multibuy or order discount focus on increasing conversion rates instead. “Promoted Listings enables you to open up the funnel and get more visitors interested in your items,” he said.

The increased visibility is one of the six main benefits of the tool, he explained, with research by eBay showing it has the potential to increase views of items by up to 32%. Other benefits include it being risk-free (since you only pay if it works); having a long-term impact; leading to halo sales; total control by the seller and finally, use of use.

He outlined 7 tips to creating the perfect listing, as well as advice for ensuring a successful campaign and when to promote.

Presenting a case study on seller Party Avenue he suggested those looking to take advantage of peak period opportunities start early. “If you want to get the most out of a very specific period, start earlier. Think about how to ramp up the promoted items earlier – it gives you more time to experiment and then you get ahead of your competitors,” he said.

“Give it a try – it’s risk free, can help you boost visibility and improve sales.”

Watch the on-demand webinar.

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