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Linn Academy 2020 On-Demand: eBay listing optimization

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In this session, Maria Simon, senior manager, global product marketing, eBay, will run through best practises, tools you can use and the five basics to get right to ensure visibility of your listings to drive growth on eBay.

Watch this session to hear:

  • How eBay can help you scale your business
  • The tools you can use to help
  • How to think like your customers
  • The five basics you need to master to optimize your listings

If you are short on time, then mastering five basics of listing optimization can really help to improve visibility of your products on eBay and help you scale your business for growth.

Presenting a quickfire masterclass at Linn Academy 2020, Maria Simon, senior manager, global product marketing, eBay, said it was important to adopt the mindset of the customer to understand what they might need to help them buy when constructing listings.

“When you think about listing optimization try to think about what your buyers want and how they feel about your products and try to optimise your listings in a way that buyers will find them attractive and will want to convert quickly,” she said.

To optimize your listings focus on getting the listings basics right

This means considering the 63% of shoppers shopping on mobile and optimizing descriptions for them, as well as using friends and family to review listings to ensure they are understood by someone separate from your own business.

Knowing the competition, as well as your own reasons for optimizing your listings (eg to improve margins, clear stock) was also crucial, she said.

Although there are many different factors that can be optimized, she said that sellers should focus on the most impactful. “Before you get lost in the details and over-engineer listings my recommendation is get the basics right,” she said.

The five, which she explained in detail in the presentation, include relevant keywords, item specifics, attractive pictures, competitive price and free shipping. “There’s a lot of levers you can pull but these five are far more impactful so if you have limited time get the basics right,” she said.

Watch the on-demand session now

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