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Linn Academy 2020 On-Demand: Future proofing for Amazon brands and retailers

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In this session Nimmy Mathews, Head of Amazon Global Selling EU, outlines how sellers can best use the Amazon Marketplace platform for international expansion.

You will learn:  

  • Why and where you should sell globally
  • About selling in North America
  • How to get started
  • How to best use Amazon tools such as FBA, marketing and promotions

Future proofing your business on Amazon means grabbing all the opportunities you can. And there is no bigger opportunity than that of international expansion.

Speaking at Linn Academy 2020, Nimmy Mathews, Head of Amazon Global Selling EU, revealed the huge opportunities that expanding on Amazon offers. These include more than 180 locations at sellers’ fingertips through the platform, accessing more than 300 million active customers worldwide.

Although Amazon has various country specific sites across Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Americas it was the opportunity of North America that Mathews outlined to help sellers understand the blueprint of expanding internationally.

Simple steps to set up your seller account

“What you don’t need is a US bank account, or a US company to set-up,” said Mathews. Instead she outlined the simple registrations that sellers do need, and the three ways that sellers can set-up.

The next step was to list products, considering what might work well in the market concerned. Sellers then need to consider how they will ship to the market, with the option of Amazon FBA or a merchant fulfilled network, with the former the most popular. “Generally European based selling partners use FBA for convenience and for ease,” she said.

Marketing is also important, and she outlined the different promotions (such as free shipping, money off) and deals (limited time price reductions) that sellers could tap into to help drive conversion. “The US customer seems to be more drawn to bargain hunting so we would recommend looking at deals and promotions.” Using promotions was also a good starting point to then invest in deals, she said.

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