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Linn Academy 2021 On-Demand: Inspire Shopping with Pinterest.

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Linn Academy 2021 Virtual.

Catch up with this Linn Academy Virtual on-demand session here.

In a Pinterest masterclass on using shopping best practices to drive more sales with inspired shopping, Partnerships Manager SangHa Park reveals how to encourage customers to shop, not just buy.  


  • The difference between buying and shopping
  • The increased demand for inspiration
  • The role of virtual try-on technology through AR
  • The Pinterest tools that can help

Masterclass: Inspire Shopping with Pinterest.

For too long shopping has lacked inspiration and the experience has become boring, leading to customers abandoning potential purchases, according to SangHa Park, Partnerships Manager at Pinterest. “Shopping used to be fun and enjoyable, and your customers miss that experience,” she said.

Online customers need the same immersive experience as they have instore, she said, with inspiration the factor that can help to transform shopping into buying. She said the success of the Pinterest platform showed the role it plays in recreating an improved shopping experience with weekly buying conversions  up three-fold in 2020. “Pinners are inspired to shop on Pinterest because we have combined the best of offline shopping with online shopping so that pinners can shop like they have never done before,” she said. 

Virtual try-on technology through AR is also helping to replicate the in-store experience, with shoppers also able to buy on the spot. “We continue to build on Pinterest shopping momentum. We have the tools to help your customers to shop, not just to buy.”

Park outlined the features and benefits of a number of Pinterest tools that retailers can take advantage of including catalogs, dynamic retargeting, automatic bidding for shopping and conversion insights. 

Watch the on-demand session.

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