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RETHINK Retail Reports: 10 Big Opportunities For The Future Of Retail.

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The future of commerce.

Linnworks is the sponsor of RETHINK Retail's Future of Commerce report. 

The concept that “time flies” is perhaps even more true today than in 29 B.C. when the Latin poet Virgil first coined the phrase in his didactic poem "The Georgics.” Fast forward to the modern era, and as the pace of change increases, our ability to peer into the future and accurately estimate how change will impact us becomes increasingly important.

Our future is beset with complexities arriving from numerous trajectories.  We have all witnessed commerce systems and consumer expectations evolve at warp speed over the past two years—and as far as one can tell, these shifts show no sign of slowing.  The changes, technologies and solutions now impacting the world of commerce have come not only from areas inside our industry but also from outside, often with little forewarning.  

Those who care not to peer into the crystal ball of the future will likely find their entire industry disrupted not in years, but in mere months.  Just take a look at the impact Netflix, Airbnb and Uber made on the industries they disrupted:The swift timetable they took, before the incumbents could react and recover, tells a warning tale for those who look mainly at the ground under their feet and not the road ahead.

However, researching and understanding the most important trends happening in commerce over the next few years is no simple task, and we would be remiss to believe that a single viewpoint could accurately assess them all.  That is why RETHINK Retail turned to a panel of experts, each holding a role where they chart the course for the technologies and solutions their companies provide.  These individuals live perpetually in the future. They vividly imagine “what happens next” and identify the bridges and pillars that must be erected to make the road to that future accessible. 

Our expert panel ranked ten areas that will have the greatest changes and opportunities for retail and commerce.  They include, in no order:

1. Direct-to-Consumer

2. Supply chains

3. Artificial Intelligence


5. Payments

6. Delivery

7. Data Security & Privacy

8. In Store Experiences

9. B2B ecommerce

10. Social Commerce

We won’t attempt to summarize their insights and wisdom in this post, but rather point you to the full report here.  

Perhaps, even better than attempting to digest the report by yourself, we want to also invite you to join the on-demand session of this distinguished panel of retail experts discussing and debating just what that future holds for all of us. This lively interactive discussion took place at Linn Academy 2021. 

The panel includes: 

  • Sucharita Kodali, VP Principal Analyst, Forrester
  • Richard Kestenbaum, Partner at Triangle Capital LLC, Contributor at
  • Ron Thurston, Founder and Best-Selling Author of RETAIL PRIDE

Hear these top experts dive into RETHINK Retail's new 'Future of Commerce' report to draw on insights and unpack the coming changes that are—or soon will be—disrupting the e-commerce world. From brands connecting more directly with consumers to customer experience, physical retail, social and B2B e-commerce, these industry leaders look at the big issues that retailers need to act on now.

Watch the on-demand session from LINN ACADEMY 2021.

Linnworks is honored to have been part of the following podcasts with RETHINK Retail:

If you would like to hear from more of our experts, please join our future podcasts, webinars and reports by subscribing at:  If you are a retail industry leader or expert and would like to have your thoughts included in future reports or be on a podcast be sure to reach out and let us know via LinkedIn or email. 

Download the Future of Commerce 2025 report.

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