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eBay Cross Border Trading Seller Story - Universal Clothing.

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Mohammed Zahoor & Mohammed Zafoor started selling Universal Clothing for Men, Woman & Children online about 3 years ago, hence the company name Universal Clothing.

Listen to their story and their tips for Cross Border Trading.

Although Universal Clothing have been trading into overseas markets for almost 3 years, only in the last year and a half has their business really thrived in international markets. One obstacle online retailers of all sizes will encounter when Cross Border Trading is translation.

In order to effectively engage with your target markets, your listings need to be in their local language, which leaves you with two options – Machine Translation or Human Translation. Universal Clothing opted to with Human Translation for optimal engagement and use WebInterpret to translate their listings for Germany, France, Australia and America.

WebInterpret specialize in localizing your listings on eBay & Amazon sites and Universal Clothing would recommend them. If you are considering Machine Translation as a more cost-effective and quicker solution, try reading our comparative article on Google Translate & Bing Translator.

When you listen to some of the key factors to Universal Clothing success with Cross Border Trading, you will note that they all revolve around providing quality customer service.

By catering to high levels of expectation, Universal Clothing can offer eBay Premium Service to their domestic and overseas customers. They have achieved this recognition by offering a clear 14 days returns policy and minimal postage and providing consistent levels of great service.

It’s the little things that you do to give the customer a good shopping experience that go along way. Universal Clothing catered to overseas markets by localizing specifications for clothing sizes and listing in the metrics of the local market.

By including tracking numbers on all packages being shipped to countries such as Russia and Italy where postal services aren’t as reliable – they ensured that their customers knew where their purchase was at all times. By thinking of the consumer experience and accommodating it with great service you are highly likely to attract repeat business.

Ensuring that your Product Images are of a high quality will greater your likelihood of a prospective buyer proceeding through the checkout. Universal Clothing worked hard on ensuring their images were optimal and meeting eBay’s Image Requirements.

Universal Clothing have thrived through Cross Border Trading and now able to sell their products all year round and all over the globe.

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