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Changes to Linnworks Desktop User Management (Update and FAQ).

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After receiving your feedback on the new users change, we've released an update which will temporarily enable you to login using a single user to multiple Desktop applications. We've also put together a FAQ section covering some of the more common questions that have cropped up, which can be found below.

What does the hotfix let me do?

The hotfix is a temporary measure which will allow you to login with a single Desktop user to multiple Desktop machines, and allow you to add as many Desktop users as necessary, up to your user limit. This will give you the opportunity to update your users appropriately. We'll be removing this update on the 22nd August.

It is integral that you associate each user with a unique email address, as this update will be enforced again in due course. Ultimately, the purpose of this change is to make the system secure and coherent, and each user session must be unique to the user, over a secure channel. This topology is already implemented within, and this change aims to unify this with Linnworks desktop. 


1. We don't want to provide e-mails as accounts. Why do we need to do this? user logins are based on unique emails, as Linnworks determines which database the users need to connect to based on their email.

Previously, Linnworks Desktop users could have their logins set as User1 or Warehouse1, for example, however as these are not unique across the whole user base, it makes it impossible to use such logins in

Finally, without a unique login, there would be no way for Linnworks to contact these users for purposes such as a password reset or multilogin details. All in all, the email login system is more secure and user-friendly than the previous system used in Desktop.

2. Will we still be able to use old users in Linnworks Desktop?

No, the old user accounts in desktop can no longer be used for logging in, and will need to be replaced with emails / logins.

3. What about the Admin account? Are we able to link the Admin account to an e-mail address?

No, you can remove the Admin user from the Desktop user management, and replace it with the main system email (database owner).

4. What about permissions for existing logins which can now be used in Linnworks Desktop?

Existing users will have all permissions in Linnworks Desktop. You can change them in Settings > User Management. 

5. Which password do I need use in Linnworks Desktop?

If the email you have provided is already registered as a user in, then you will need to use the password from If the email is a new email which was not used in your system previously, then you should use the same password that you had for Desktop. You will find a more in-depth article covering examples of scenarios here.

If you have any further queries, or any feedback on these changes, please feel free to comment below and we'll be happy to help.

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