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Changes to Linnworks Desktop User Management

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Josh Neale
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As part of our continuing update to Linnworks’ user management process and as part of our drive to communicate better with our clients, we will be making further updates to the way users are handled within Linnworks. We expect to release these changes on Wednesday, the 10th of August.

So what's changing?

All users from will now be transferred to Desktop, so after the update you’ll find any created users can be found within your Desktop user management panel as well.

If you log in to Desktop with one of your original Desktop users after the migration has been done, the system will prompt you to link this user to a unique email which will be used as a username within Desktop moving forwards. If you try to add an email to an existing Desktop user which already belongs to a user, the system will throw an error that this email was already in use, because it was transferred by migration process.

In such cases there are two ways to proceed:

1) You can link the Desktop account to another email that does not exist yet as user in your system. In this case, the email would also be added as a user to with limited permissions (which can later be changed by your Admin), and the email can be used to login to Desktop from then on.

2) You can delete whichever of the user names that are not required in order to make that email unique.

Additionally, from this date forwards, any new user you create in Linnworks Desktop (which will require a unique email address), will automatically be issued a temporary password on their first login automatically. If this password needs to be changed, when you click on the ‘change password’ button in Linnworks Desktop, a confirmation email will be sent to that user’s email address from which they can change the password via a link.

Finally, all logic in regards to password complexity or password expiration periods will be taken from your settings. The updated functionality allows for additional control and security in managing your users.

We recommend you review our user management documentation which will give you a better idea of some of the new functionality available.

Please get in touch with us should you have any further questions!

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