Linnworks Version 4 Released!

July 12 2011


Simplified. Faster. More automated than ever. And, to top it off, Linnworks Express package is free.

We are pleased to announce that a new version of Linnworks was released today. 

It took 222 days to develop new Linnworks version – delivering 13 major revisions, 100+ new features, improved overall performance of the system and reduced number of operation screens.

Linnworks 4 takes order management and stock control to a completely new level. It's not just about automation any more, this time round it's about simplicity and speed. While we can't make complicated tasks simple, we can help you avoid doing them at expense of just one centralised system. 

Today’s launch signifies a significant step forward in making Linnworks the most powerful and useful order management software and stock control application.


1. New Linnworks Express package is completely FREE

Linnworks Express Local edition is designed to help new starters and emerging businesses organise order management and stock control at no costs whatsoever. Whether you are new to Linnworks or planning to use it for limited tasks only – this package should prove to be a great fit for purpose.


2. New Linnworks Analytics Reporting Tool

Linnworks Analytics is designed to directly communicate with your database and enables you to deal with huge datasets as well as produce comprehensive yet flexible reports. It is based on online analytical processing (OLAP) concept with an emphasis on flexibility, functionality and speed. You can tweak and twist your internal data to get most complex questions answered and display the results the way you want to see them. 


3. Channel Integration made simple

With this revision, it only takes 5 minutes to integrate Amazon, eBay and your e-commerce stores. 

New features:

  • Improved Amazon Web Services Integration (Read more);
  • Improved eBay Integration (Read more);
  • Redesigned web-site gateway integration screen for most web-site carts (Read more);
  • 3DCart Integration (Read more);
  • EasyWebstore Integration (Read more);
  • Shopify Integration (Read more);
  • The ability to have unlimited number of integrated channels.

4. Template Designer introduced

New template designer is used for managing invoices, pick list and packing list templates. It uses a far more flexible approach for printing purposes and allows you to choose from a list of predefined templates.  Each template can have different printer settings, page size and conditions.

Template layout is so flexible  - you won’t feel limited ever again! (Learn more)


5. Complete redesign of "Open Orders" screen

The most-used screen in Linnworks has been completely revamped. The new screen uses much less resources, deals with tasks faster and provides great flexibility allowing you to manage your open orders in the way find easiest. (Learn more)

New features:

  • "Group Selection" section for filtering purposes;
  • Preserved Open Orders settings (different settings for different users);
  • Faster and much improved order search;
  • "Column Chooser" for column grid adjustments;
  • Order tags introduced;
  • Packing lists;
  • Pick lists;
  • Flexible printing functionality for specific templates (invoices, labels, etc.);
  • Bulk Change feature introduced;
  • Improved "Process Order" screen used for manual order processing;
  • "Cancel Order" feature;
  • "Cancel Order Refund" feature;
  • Package splitting;
  • Ad-hoc export of orders via .csv file;
  • Creation of purchase orders for out-of-stock items from the screen;
  • Batch Order Processing;
  • Custom Batch Pilots - create a set of instructions that Linnworks will methodically follow;
  • Multi-order folder for order allocation;
  • Extended revision of "Despatch Console" screen;
  • Batch scanning, order processing by item barcode;
  • Order splitting functionality (partial shipment);
  • Order merging;
  • Automatic splitting by suppliers, cost, quantity, weight.

6. Improved "New Order" screen

Telephone/direct order processing screen has also been revised and improved to enhance flexibility and reduce manual data entry. (Learn more) 

New features:

  • Look up section for existing customers; 
  • Payment method selection;
  • "Discounts" field for ordered items;
  • Specific Tax Rate settings for ordered items;
  • "Additional information" about an order and ordered items;
  • Service line for an order (i.e. gift, wrap, etc).

7. Improved "Processed Orders" screen

Improved "Processed Orders" screen allows you to deal with post-sale processes directly from the screen. (Learn more) 

New features:

  • Faster, improved search for historic orders;
  • Direct order item exchange from the screen;
  • Direct order item refund from the screen;
  • Direct return booking from the screen;
  • Direct exchange booking from the screen;
  • Ability to re-print labels or invoices;
  • Redesigned "Return Item/Resend Item" functionality (easier to use).

8. New "Returns/Refunds" screen

New "Returns/Refunds" screen is an overview of all processed orders that have been marked either as a return or a resend. It allows you to see all orders that have been booked for return/refund/exchange. "Quick Stats" panel shows relevant return data at a glance. (Learn more) 

New features:

  • Return/Exchange booking console;
  • New "Action Returns" section;
  • Quick refund and resend statistics and dashboard.

9. Improved "Inventory Dashboard" tab

Even more features, new pre-build reports and statistics - all under one "Inventory Dashboard" tab.

New features:

  • Inventory or stock holding reports at any point of time;
  • Stock item performance research;
  • New pre-build reports;
  • Custom query reports;
  • Stock item look up with extended stock item performance details.

10. Improved "Inventory Control" tab

As a result of the revision, two screens have been improved and twelve new features have been added to the Inventory Control section of the system.

New features:

  • Redesigned "Stock In" scanning screen;
  • Redesigned "Reorder low stock" screen;
  • PO statuses in "Purchase Orders" screen;
  • New "Supplier Reference №" in "Purchase Orders" screen;
  • New "Stock item supplier code" in "Purchase Orders" screen;
  • Ability to add PO by supplier;
  • Sort by minimum level, maximum level, to optimal stock level, to optimal stock level + safety stock, only by supplier, show cheapest supplier;
  • Purchase order support for different currency rate;
  • PO export into .csv file;
  • PO import via .csv file;
  • Ability to e-mail PO to a supplier;
  • Ability to generate .pdf files for PO;
  • "Quick view" feature in "Inventory Linking" screen;
  • New dashboards in "Inventory Linking" screen.

11. Redesigned "Shipping Management" screen

10+ new courier integrations, new label designer and partnership with Metapack have helped to achieve much improved shipping management functionality in Linnworks. (Learn more)

New features:

  • Partnered with Metapack. Metapack integration released (Read more);
  • Parcelforce added as a new shipping service (Read more);
  • DespatchBay (aka Yodel) added as new shipping service (Read more);
  • UPS added as a new shipping service (Read more);
  • FedEx added as a new shipping service (Read more);
  • DHL EasyShip added as a new shipping service (Read more);
  • New "Generic Postage Label Designer".

12. Improved "E-mail Notifications" screen

With improved "E-mail Notifications" screen you can set up your automatic e-mail notifications quickly and easily. (Learn more)

New features:

  • E-mails can now have multiple conditional templates;
  • Added "Return receipt";
  • Order item resend notification;
  • Direct return booking from the screen;
  • Direct exchange booking from the screen;
  • Late shipping e-mail;
  • PO template for emailing purposes.

13. Improved "Data Import/Export" tool

"Import/Export Automation" tool allows you to set up the system to import/export data every time you synchronise. This is particularly useful for importing new orders from sources for which the direct integration is not always possible or for exporting stock levels as well as updating your reporting data.

New features:

  • Import Automation every time you sync (Learn more);
  • Export Automation every time you sync (Learn more).