Rakuten's Play.com Integration

Founded in 1998, Rakuten’s Play.com is the UK’s 3rd largest e-commerce marketplace, with a loyal customer base of over 16.5 million registered users.  In 2012 it was voted the UK’s Best Entertainment Retailer in Verdict’s Consumer Satisfaction Awards. In 2011, Play.com was acquired by Rakuten, which was in 2012 was selected by Forbes as 7th among the World’s Most Innovative Companies. Rakuten is expanding globally and currently has operations throughout Asia, Western Europe, and the Americas. Other e-commerce marketplaces owned by Rakuten Inc include Rakuten.com (formerly Buy.com) in the US, Priceminister in France and Rakuten Germany.


This document describes how to set up Rakuten's Play.com integration within Linnworks. Here can find information about what functions Linnworks can perform while working with PlayTrade and how to configure this channel.

Setting up Rakuten's Play.com integration

PlayTrade integration allows the system to:

  • Automatically download new orders from Rakuten's Play.com.
  • Add listings to Rakuten's Play.com account.
  • Mark items as dispatched on Rakuten's Play.com.
  • Send out confirmation emails to Rakuten's Play.com registered email address.
  • Submit order shipping information back to Rakuten's Play.com once an order has been processed.
  • Automatically adjust inventory, ensured you never oversell based on sales through other channels.

Please note that Rakuten's Play.com integration is allowed for ProTrader accounts only, it WILL NOT work with Standard Seller accounts. This is a restriction imposed by Rakuten's Play.com.

To set up Rakuten's Play.com integration go to Settings > Channel Integration. From this screen you can add, delete and modify selling channels that you wish Linnworks to integrate with.

Click the Add new channel button on the right of the screen to bring up the New Channel selection screen. Now select PlayTrade from the list and click Integrate.


You will be presented with the Account Integration screen, which will walk you through the process of integrating your Rakuten's Play.com account with Linnworks.


Enter the following Rakuten's Play.com integration credentials into Linnworks:

  • Merchant Nickname – A nickname for this merchant account. Once created this cannot be changed.
  • Username – Username for your Play.com account.
  • Password – Password to your Play.com account.
  • Ignore Orders prior to – All orders prior to this date will be ignored by the system.
  • Wait for Reports for – The system will submit an Order report request and can wait for Play.com to generate the report. A setting of ‘0’ means no waiting (The system will pick the report up at the next sync) while ’99,999’ means the system will wait for 99,999 seconds for the report to generate.
  • Assign Postage (National) – Assign a postage service to national orders.
  • Assign Postage (International) – Assign a postage service to international orders.
  • Inventory Location – You can update inventory levels on Play.com from a specific Linnworks stock location only. If this is not checked then the stock levels in all all locations will be totalled.
  • Inventory Update – Your Rakuten's Play.com stock levels will be updated to reflect your current stock levels every time you sync.
  • Mark as Despatched – When you process a Play.com order, Linnworks will submit dispatch information to Play.com.
  • Merge orders from the same customer – The system will automatically merge orders from Play.com by the same customer.

Click the Test button to test the Play.com integration. An error message will appear if anything is wrong with the details that have been entered. If there are no errors, click the Save button at the top of the screen to add PlayTrade to your list of channels.

Rakuten's Play.com Lister

To list products on Rakuten's Play.com they must first exist in Rakuten's Play.com catalogue. If your item is not currently in Rakuten's Play.com catalogue you can contact their seller support team and apply for your product(s) to be included.

Linnworks will send a request for Rakuten's Play.com listings and will compare the listings in Rakuten's Play.com with items in Linnworks. This can take some time, depending on the number of items in the system. Items without a stock level in Linnworks will not appear in the Linnworks Play.com lister.

Items which are already listed on Rakuten's Play.com will be green, while items that are not will be grey.


From here you can use the check boxes to choose which items you wish to be listed on Rakuten's Play.com. Click Submit Listings to confirm your changes. New listings will then appear on your Play.com account. New items listed on Rakuten's Play.com may take up to 45 minutes to appear in your listings history.


Play.com Listing Mapping

The orders that are being received from external channels could have a different name or SKU from your internal product definition.

Click on Listing SKU Mapping to make sure all your SKUs are matching the inventory. After that the system will show you all Rakuten's Play.com listings which are not linked to items in Linnworks system.


Click New to link items.


Remember to click Save to submit the changes made.


Configuring Rakuten's Play.com Integration

Once you have set up your Play.com account to work with Linnworks it will appear in the list of channels on the Channel Integration screen. From here you can enable / disable integration and inventory sync for each individual channel as well as configuration and inventory mapping tools.


To enable / disable individual channel integration within Linnworks, simply click the small circle in the Enabled column that corresponds to the channel you wish to alter. A green light means that the channel is enabled in Linnworks, while a red light denotes that it is disabled.

Inventory Sync

The same process applies to the Inventory Sync function, clicking a circle will toggle between enabled and disabled for the specified channel. A green light means that the Linnworks will sync inventory with this channel while a red light indicates that it will not.


Clicking the Config button for a specified channel will bring up the Account Config menu for that channel.


This is the same screen that appears when you first set up Rakuten's Play.com Integration. From here you can make changes to the settings, remembering to Test and click Save when you have finished making alterations.